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WOFF Dudley (Dick) Sharpe MBE
passed away 15 Aug 2006, after a battle with cancer.


 SHARPE, Dudley (Dick)
Family and friends of DICK are kindly invited to attend his Funeral Service to be held:
Monday August 21st 2006 in the West Chapel at Pinegrove Crematorium,
Great Western Highway,
Eastern Creek commencing at 11:30am.

I have recounted my experiences at the “Ettamogah Country Club” (No2 Central Reserve Albury) elsewhere in this site but wish to add this small memento as a tribute to Dick.

Being newly arrived and the only Armament Mechanic, it was frequently my job to accompany Dick, who was the EE on trips to the explosive store houses to retrieve some item for testing at the lab, I supplied the manpower to open boxes and load the jeep.

Most of the stores at Albury were 500/1,000 Lb bombs but some of the buildings contained a whole range of ammo and pyrotechnics, to me these were like Aladdin's Caves full of all the things we had learned about at Wagga.

It seemed that Dick had been at Albury forever and he often told tales of the many amusing and sometimes not so amusing things that had happened over the years, one of these I feel is worth recounting here.

The store houses at Albury did not have windows, just several rectangular holes cut in the walls, these were covered by a large wooden flap that could be raised or lowered from inside by a rope via a pulley in the rafters of the veranda.

Dick was on guard duty and doing a night roving piquet, armed with a .303 rifle at the shoulder he was marching along behind one of the buildings when the foresight protector on his rifle snagged one of the ropes. The rifle was plucked from him and thinking he was being set upon by “The Enemy” he bolted for the guard house. After realising that they were not in hot pursuit, he sheepishly returned and retrieved his rifle to continue the patrol.

Rest In Peace Dick.
Rod Farquhar.

To Mr Rod Farquhar, (tribute to Dick Sharpe)
My name is Margaret Bodel and I am Dick Sharpe's daughter. I was holding my father's hands as he died on Tuesday 15 August. Dad died very peacefully after his battle with cancer.

An Air Force associate of dad's told me about this website. To see your tribute to my father brought a smile to my face and gave me comfort, as I know how proud my father was to serve in the Royal Australian Air Force and continue his association after he retired from the Air Force.

I was born in Albury and lived at the Ettamogah base until I was two years old. Obviously I do not remember it, however, I have visited the site several times over the years and have been told some of the history by my father.

Once again thankyou for your tribute to my father and a warm welcome to anyone who is able to attend his funeral service.

Kind Regards,
Margaret Bodel

Dad's funeral was sad, yet appropriate. Dad was a 'stickler' for discipline and protocol (at times, as a child, I thought that I was also in the R.A.A.F).   The R.A.A.F and R.S.L. part of the funeral service made me so proud to be his daughter , and a small part of the wonderful and dedicated men and women who serve my country, Australia.

Thank you once again to the R.A.A.F and the part they played in dad's life and funeral service l and through your website and word of mouth, I have learnt more about my father's career in the R.A.A.F in the past week, than I may never have learnt.

In appreciation
Margaret Bodel

My name is David Sharpe. I am Dicks youngest son. The family appreciate your comments and would love to hear more. We are trying to find out about Dad’s history with the RAAF and roles he performed. Particularly interested in Dads deployment overseas and the role he performed there. Are you able to advise where we would start searching for information of this nature to allow us to piece together his history.

Again thanks.
David Sharpe

To Phil Friend, Jack Dunstan and so Many Others,
Thankyou for your support of, and friendship to my husband Dick over the years. I have some fond memories of our time at Ettamogah, and Kingswood. Being part of the RAAF family is certainly an experience never forgotten. Dick was proud of his membership of this elite group. He was proud of his work with the RAAF and especially proud when we were able to shake hands with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11 when she presented him with the MBE for services to the country through the Armament Corp. Thankyou so much to those who were able to attend Dick’s funeral service. It was a great comfort to me and the children at a particularly difficult time. It made a big difference. Dick was blessed to have family members with him as he died in Nepean Hospital. Please accept this as a personal thanks as I do not have addresses to send individual thanks to each of you.

Kind regards and many thanks,

Marie Sharpe, and Judith, Katherine, Frances, Margaret, Jim and David and Families.

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