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Barry (Tubby) Holt
No 11 RAAF Apprentice Course


A Tribute to Barry (Tubby) Holt - deceased Feb 1998

I first met Barry in Darwin when we were posted to Base Sqn on the RAAF base in July 1962. We became very good friends and I can remember Barry having his 21st birthday at the Snake Creek ordnance depot that was about 65 miles down the track. He remained there until the closure of Snake Creek in the middle of 1963.

Barry loved Darwin and accepted postings and attachments to the RAAF base whenever an opportunity arose. It was no surprise when Barry decided to settle in Darwin where he was very much accepted and respected by the local people from all walks of life.

Barry met the love of his life in Darwin, namely Gloria Brown. They remained a devoted couple to the time of Barry's death in Feb 1998. One of Barry's requests before he died was for his ashes to be scattered in the ocean at Fanny Bay.

I guess that the Armourers' patron saint "Saint Barbara" would have been at the Pearly Gates to welcome him and I know he would have been equipped with a Stubby Holder, Fishing Tackle, Lawn Bowls and his favorite Slim Dusty recordings.

I,  and many others will say that it was a privilege knowing you Tubby.
Ken Edwards

Tub and I were at 1CAMD together as Explosive Examiners along with Wheels Waggenfeller, Dick Flack, Bob Smith, and Peter Grant, both Tub and myself lived in at the SGT's Mess, so we got know to each other pretty well over a jar or two in the evenings.
Previously, in all the time we were in fighter squadrons, we hadn't really worked together until we met in 1979 at Kingswood. 
Like most "Singlies" he never missed a chance to have a go at us "Brown Baggers".  He was a Gunnie who was loved by all who knew him. A gentle man, a good intelligent worker who knew his trade and a true friend. In 1981 Tub took over as the 1CAMD SGT's Mess CMC and soldiered on there until his subsequent retirement a couple of years later.
sadly missed by so many
Bill Riley

Speech in the NT Parliament.  Date : 02/18/98
Member : Mr STONE
Status : Port Darwin
Information :
Mr STONE (Port Darwin): Madam Speaker, I pay tribute tonight to Barry Holt, a constituent of mine who passed away recently after a short illness. Barry was born in Brisbane on 29 November 1941. He went to Buranda State School before joining the RAAF apprenticeship scheme in 1957. Barry's parents had a general store at Stone's Corner in Brisbane. His father later became a magistrate, having been a JP for a number of years.

Barry trained as an apprentice at Wagga. When he completed his training, he was an armament fitter and was stationed at a number of interstate locations, including Amberley, Snake Creek near Darwin and Williamtown. Barry also served at the RAAF base in Malaysia on 2 occasions. Barry had 3 postings to Kingswood, near Penrith in NSW, where he served as chairman of the sergeants' mess committee. He had been stationed in Darwin a number of times and he decided to retire here in 1982 - a choice now made by many members of the Australian Defence Force. However, he maintained his association with the RAAF and stayed on the Active Reserve list until 1992.

Barry and his good mate for 12 years, Gloria Brown, lived together at Gardens Hill. Gloria said that Barry had many interests. He was secretary of Darwin Bowls Club for 9 years, and secretary of the RSL for 4 years. He was an avowed monarchist, an historian and a hoarder of memorabilia. He still had his first school report in his collection. However, he liked nothing more than relaxing with Gloria at sundown picnics at Fannie Bay. Barry Holt believed in the Northern Territory. He was a stable, trustworthy man who developed many friendships and supported many community ideals. Although a gentle person, he believed in law and order and strong management of our society. He will be sadly missed by Gloria and her children Beverly, Paul and Mark, her grandchildren Phillip and James, who live interstate, and young Barry who resides in Darwin and to whom he was a special Poppa. I extend my personal sympathy to Gloria and Barry's many friends at this sad time.

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