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Name Initials Known_As Course Remarks/Cause Rank Town/State
Altmann W William "Bill" 39 Mechs Fld/Conv Heart Attack
Moruya NSW,
Ammitzboil  NC  Norman

Armament Instructor at Nhill Vic in 1946

 Tribute U/K

Died 3/9/2009, Aged 88,

Dandenong VIC

Anderson  DS  Desmond "Des"  13-14 Armfitt  Tribute U/K  Died 24/5/2012
Andrews GA Gordon 28 Armfitt Tribute Died 11/02/04 Townsville
Andrews S Steve 49 Armfitt Tribute   Point Cook 1978
Ashburn NW Norm (Long Rocks) 19 Armfitt Oral Cancer (Tribute) Died Tweed Heads 1998
Atkins GS "Stewy"
(Gavin Stuart)
30 Armfitt Tribute Died  11/9/1990, Heathridge, WA
Baker IR Ivan No 4 App Tribute   Died 23/02/04, Albany Creek, QLD
Barnes JH John   Hit by a Fire Engine Died approx 1999 Motor Accident
Bell   Andy   Killed During an Ammo burn   Died Lithgow NSW 1952 ?
Bell J John No 5 App Aircraft Crash, Tribute Died  Albany Mar 13 1996WA
Belbin P Phil WWII Motor Neurone Disease
Died NSW 1963
Berry D Dave No 55 Armfitt Lung Cancer
  Died Hervey Bay, QLD
04 Sep 2007
Berry K Kev No 7 Armfitt Tribute Died Mater Hospital Brisbane QLD 20/2/2011
Bickham KP Ken 102 Armourer Lungs (emphysema)
Wantirna Private Hospital, VIC, Jan 2004
Bielby AG Allan No 38 Armfitt 1968 Tribute U/K 12 Aug 2011 WA
Blain GJ Gordon No 1 Appy Tribute (Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma) GC QLD 04May98
Bonnie M Mark 34 App Accident Electrocuted Tribute   Died 1981-2
Bourbon T Tom   Cancer (melanoma) Townsville
Bradford IG Ian (Brick) 28 Armfitt Drowning Accident
Brame JM Max 16 Armfitt 1958 Aged 59
Died  NSW 6/03/94 SMH Gerrigong, formerly of Sydney
Bretton JE John 29 Armfitt Tribute ACT, 06/12/01
late of Queenscliff
Broadbent GA Gerry 8 App   Died NSW
Brooker LW Lee 53 Armfitt Tribute   Died Parkes NSW Jan 00
Brooker W Bill   Tribute Died NSW 1978
Brooks TN Tiny 8 App Throat Cancer
Died Aug 2000 Ipswich QLD
Buckley G Geoffery "Groper" No 21 Armfitt 1960 Tribute 14/3/2012
Bullen JL John "Mouse" No 4 Apprentice 1952, 16 Arm Elec Tribute 12/12/2011
Burling DJ Don   (aged 45)
Died 12OCT1975  late of St Marys
Burney DW Dennis William 19 App Tribute Died 26 Nov 68 Richmond NSW
Chalker MN Myles "Chick" 11 App (aged 49) 14APR1990 (SMH)
Chapman   Leo       Died
Churchward PJ Peter 20 App Car Accident
Died Wagga NSW 1998
Clavan GW Gary William " Blue " 21 Armfitt 1961 Emphysema (Aged 59)
Died Penrith NSW
22NOV94 SMH Formerly Ballina
Clough W Will No 26 Armech, No 17 Armfitt 1959 Tribute 20/12/2010
Coleman/ /TE Tom     Died Laverton VIC
Comer G George" Squiffy "   Tribute Died Port Macquarie NSW
Cook KF Ken 5 App Tribute  
Cooper DJ Denis 11 App Coronary Thrombosis Tribute Died England '05/09/1980 Crem. Launceston Tas.
Cooper R.C.F Bob 6 ArmElect E.Sale (Age 66) (Tribute) Died Penrith NSW 05Feb91
Cormie RE Rex   Age 62 (Tribute) Died Mona Vale NSW.
11 Sep 74, 
Cox F Francis
  Tribute   Died 11 April 1987,  Adelaide
Crail KJ Keith (Foots) 5 App Stomach & Liver Cancer (Tribute) Died Toowoomba 24/11/03
Crocker M.C. Mick "Junior" 41 Armfitt 1969 (Tribute) Died Ipswich 10Mar1979
Craven KF  Kevin 24 Armfitt 1962 Tribute U/K Died 26/7/2011, Penrith NSW
Curtis WJ Walter John "John" "Wally" No 14 App Tribute 22/3/2012
Dallman DA Derek Austin   Buried at Karrakatta Cemetery   Died Balga WA 10/12/1995
Daly KS Dan 11 App Cancer
  Died Penrith 15/11/2002
Darcy GJ Gerry 26ArmMechfitt (Tribute)   Died Gawler SA 30/07/04
Davidson JA James Albert   aged 64 years
  Died 8th Nov 1980
Buried Goondiwindi Cemetery
Dean MEJ Mick Ex RAF Bowel Cancer
Died 1994 Malacoota
Deathridge T Trevor Ex CAF Heart Attack
Died Grevillia NSW, Late May 2005
DeFriskbom BJ Bernie 6 App Spinal Cancer
Died March 2001 Norah Head NSW
Dettman SD Stewie     Died
Dolan PJ Peter, John 11 App Brain Tumours
Aged 50 (Tribute)
Died 27MAR1992
late of East Kurrajong
Downey BF Brian Francis "Bimbo" "Bim" No 22 App Tribute Died 8/8/2009, Aged 57, Medowie NSW
Edwards KJ Kenneth John
13 Armfitt TBA
Aged 75 (Tribute)
Died 25AUG2007
Cabrini Hospital
Elliot AD Des 7 Armfitt 1952 Brain Tumours Penrith, NSW on 12 April 1983
Etheridge DE Dave "Eckles" No 8 App, 7 Arm Tribute Died 10/8/2010, Kingsley WA
Farrell  M Mike   Tribute   Point Cook 1978
Ferlito G Gio   Leukaemia (Tribute)
Died 2 Jun 2001
Finn RJJ Rory Jay Joseph 42 Armfitt 1970
RAAF accident (tangled in towed target cable) (Tribute)
Died Williamtown
Flack RW Richard " Dick " 30 Armfitt Brain Tumours (Tribute)
Died 17 Aug 2001
Flynn W William " Bill "    
Died.. Richmond 1962Forst
Forster R Robert "Bluey", "Fosdick" No 8 ArmMech, 6 ArmFitt Tribute 01/7/2010, Aged 79
Franks JA John Alexander No 13 App Tribute 14/10/2009
Frazer T Tom   Heart/Emphysema
Died Ipswich QLD 2003
Fredericks WG Wally   Tribute
Freeney RJ Robert James" Shorty "    
Died Sep 1985 age 57
Campsie, Sydney NSW
Gacka L  Len "Gecko" 36 Armfitt 1968 Tribute 3/3/2011
Gahan GLM Geoff "Droopy" No 8 App Tribute U/K 6/2/2010
Gambling H Harry    
Gehrig KJ Kevin John No 27 ArmFitt 1964 Tribute 26/12/2011
Gentle LG Lynton George "LG" "Algie" No 9 App Tribute Died 15/10/2009, Aged 70, Cairnes QLD
Gibbs AW Allan WWII Tribute
Died 04 Apr 2006 Penrith
Golder F Frederick   Aged 78   Died Penrith 10 Jun 1999
Grafton R Richard "Dick" Korea Aged 78 (Tribute)   Died Hobart
27th April 2007
Graham       Stomach & Liver Cancer (Tribute) Died Toowoomba 24/11/03
Green T Trevor (Greeny) 32 App M/Bike Accident
Died Malaysia 1982/83
Greet C Bomber    
Died 1987. Crem. Albany Ck. QLD
Gutherie KL Kenneth Lyail "Ken" No 13 ArmElec 1955 Tribute 10/3/2004
Hampton KJ Peter 17 Armfitt 1958 Prostate Cancer
Grenfell NSW Saturday 29 Mar 03, 3.15 PM
Hardy DJ Denis John 21 Armfitt 1960 (Tribute)   Died 12 Jul 2007 Townsville
Hansen CH Clifford Hubert U/K WW2 Armament Course Tribute Died 26/9/2007, Lyndoch SA
Hansen G Rooturd 23 Armfitt 1961 (Tribute)

Died 21st Feb 2008 Townsville Nth Qld

Hayden F Fred 6 Armfitt 1951  
Died Innisvale Qld
Hayward WRE William Robert Edwardes "Bill" No 4 Armfitt
Car Accident in WA (tribute)   Died Saturday 21 Jul 2007
Hennessy JP John Phillip "Buck" 43 Armfitt Tribute
Died Launceston Tas, 23/04/07
Hennessy M Mick 23 Armfitt Leukemia
Died 06/05/06 SA
Hill HJ Jack    
Hite NJ "Nev" No 18 ArmFitt 1959 Tribute Died 20/2/2010, Aged 71
Hodge PH Phil 8 App 1956 Cancer Tribute
Died 1976,
Buried Sth Port Qld
Hogan  PJ Peter  21 App             M/Bike Accident Tribute
Died Bworth
Holder JL John 7 App  
Hollis JE Jeff   Liver Cancer aged 69
Died 02/01/06 Medowie
Holman TA Terance Albert (Terry)   Passed away at home
Died 06/04/08
Holt BC Barry (Tubby) 11 App Liver
Died 1998?
Housden   JW  John " Whitney " 3-87 AdultArm  M/Bike Accident
Died KWD 1994?
Howells GP George, Pierce   Tribute
Died Penrith. 14 Jun 1994
Howes JC John No6 Armfitt, No 7 ArmElec 1955 Tribute 15/9/2009
Huxtable J Bomber 10 App Brain Tumours
Died Vic Nov 2001
Hynes RE Robert Evelyn
Died (aged 75) 27/4/1998,
Armadale WA
James GA George Albert U/K Joined Nov 1939 Tribute Died 27/2/2008, NSW
Jensen AC Allan, Christian  8 Armfitt 1952 Tribute
Died Willowbank QLD 18/6/2008
Jessop PJJ Patrick John Joseph (Pat)   Cancer Aged 71
Late of Rose Bay NSW
Johnson L Les WW2 Chemical Warfare Armourer Aged 84 Tribute
Died 20th April 2008
Johnston GMF Gerry    
Died Perth WA


DP Darrell Patrick No 23 ArmFitt 1961 Tribute
Jones CJ Clive James "Jim" WW2. New Guinea. 2AD Aged 86
Died NSW 2005
Jones GA Gary No 45 Mech 29 Fitters   17/2/2011
Jones KH Keith 12 ArmElect WW2 Jun42 - Jan46 1 Sqn Tengah 1956
Died Late 2006
Kaulins J I? Imnants (Jim) 18 Armfitt aged 63
Died Blacktown 08JUL88
Kent-Hughes T Tim   Brain Tumour/Stroke
Died Mar 2004
Kinniburgh GM George    
Died East Sale VIC
Kolk J Jan 42 Armfitt Lung Cancer Details
Died Ruse NSW 23/01/97
Kozlyk J.G John 19 Appy Heart Attack (Tribute)
Died Currimundi, QLD 22/02/05
Krstic L Lazar (Lars) 37 Appy M/Bike Accident
Died Perth, Buried Hobart Oct 1985
Lamb D Dave 35 ARMFITT Tribute  
Lazzarini MM Maximillian
No 2 Bomb Disposal
Point Cook
As a result of War Wounds
Died 1961 Campsie Sydney NSW
Lee EJ Ernest " Jim "    
Died Kingswood 2000
Leiper W J Walter James (Wally)    
Died 20Jan93 late of Caloundra QLD
Littlefield DS Don "Tubby " 18 Armfitt 1959 Heart Attack
Died Jul 68 76 Sqn WLM
Locke WR Warwick No 12 App Brain Tumours
Died 1961
Lockhart M Malcolm   Tractor Accident
Aged 63
Died 15 Sep 1969
Loth JJ Jeremy No 36 Appy Killed in a motor vehicle accident (Tribute)
Died 1993 WLM
Love MJ Max 13 Armfitt 1955 Cancer
Died Jun73
Low GR Graham    
Died Brisbane QLD '93?
Lugg AW Bill    
Late 90's
Lucas WG Bill "Plugger" 13 Armfitt 1955 Lung/Liver cancer
Died Deniliquin NSW 5/12/02
Madden A Alan Gerald
WW11 Natural Causes
Aged 91
Died 09Feb2005
Parkwood WA
Manners RH Reg   Tribute
Marrinon J John No 6 App, 1954
Died 6/1/2010, Townsville QLD
McArdle D Dave 22 Armfitt Heart Attack
Died 1992 WA
McCann DM Daniel No 7 Appy Tribute
Died 10AUG2005
McDiarmid F Frank    
McGuiness PJ Peter   Tribute
Died Canberra ACT 27 Dec 2004
McIntosh TA Trevor No 5 Appy Tribute   Died in WA 09 Sep 2007
McKeown KA Ken No 14 Arm
Hamilton 1942
Died Newtown Geelong
McKeaton MR Mervyn Richard    
Died Nov '82 Brisbane QLD
McNair DG Duncan 37 Armfitt Killed  Tribute
Died Vietnam 3 Jul 1970
McNamara   Michael    
McPherson G Graham 37 Armfitt Lung Cancer
Died 26/04/06
McQueen N Colin "Col" 9 App Liver Cancer
Died 29th Feb 2008
Mears P Phil 3 App  
Died Wagga NSW '90s
Merriman HK Herbert Keith "Keith" No 6 Demolition Tribute Died 29/7/2010, Melbourne VIC
Mezzina C Colin "Joe"  AirArm & Gas Sch 1944 Tribute Coronary
Died 2/7/2008 Sunshine Coast Qld
Millican TL Thomas Lear "Tom" 17 ArmElect 1955 (Tribute)   Died Kirwan, Townsville
27 Jul 2007
Milstead SG Steve 30 Armfitt Killed - Chopper Accident  Tribute
Died SA 77/78?
Morgan CD Cliff 10 App Peritonitis
Died Mar 69 WLM
Moore   George   Tribute    
Mychael V Vernon A 6 Armfitt (age 67)
Died Penrith NSW 13Aug97
Newbery H G Herb 32 Armfitt Lung Cancer (Tribute) Died, Cairns 20.06/05
Nipperess A C Allan (Nippo) U/K ArmFitt Approx 1940 Tribute Died, 23/3/2000, Fassifern NSW
Norton CI Charlie Isaac "Charlie" No 11 ArmElec Tribute Died, 20/10/2009
O'Heir   Daniel   Tribute    
O'Keefe K Kevin 49 Armfitt 73 (Tribute)   Died NSW 2004
O'Neil R Ronald "Ron" No 9 ArmFitt 1952   Died 5/3/2009, Brisbane QLD
Owston A Allan       Died 16/06/1991 Bullcreek, WA
Parker NR Neil 29 Appy Motorbike Accident
Died late 1970's
Pearce WJ Will  21 App             M/Bike Accident Tribute   Died SA 1980
Pellas RW Bill 13 Armfitt 1955 Natural Causes   Died Dingley, VIC 12 Nov 2002
Pickworth R Roy  No 106 Armourers, No 4 ArmFitt 1949 Tribute 6/1/2011
Prefke RE Ronald Edgar "Ron" No 15 ArmElec Tribute Died 1/3/2011
Prosser D David 106 Armourers (tribute) Died, Shenton Park, WA 22Mar07  
Purkis KJ Keith 36 Armfitt 1968   Massive heart attack Died SSC QLD 06/Apr/1999
Quinn DC Darryl Charles
  Heart Attack (Tribute) Bilpin, NSW 13 Aug 2005
Raby BM Brian 22 Armfitt Heart Attack
Died 18 June 2007
Radcliffe AB Al "Flaps"   Cancer aged 80 (Tribute) Died Buderim Qld on 11/12/06
Radin DL Darrell 41 Armfitt Lung Cancer (Tribute) Adelaide, 23 Oct 2005
Reynolds GAM George (Sammy)   Died aged 66 (Tribute) 02JAN1984, Penrith
Riley WHR William (Bill) Direct Entry Tribute 22 October 2012
Roberts AW Tony 22 Arfitt Died aged 69 years
CPL 02Jun2009 Cessnock
Roberts P Peter (Bat) 46 Armfitt Heart Attack (Tribute)   Died Tasmania 19/11/2002
Roberts AW Anthony "Tony" No 22 ArmFitt 1961 Tribute Died 2/6/2009, Cessnock NSW
Rockett RE Richard, (Dick) 28 Armfitt Push Bike Accident Amberley Late 70's
Roddam K Keith (Dad)       Died Newcastle Jul 2003
Rooney P Pat   Tribute Died Brisbane QLD
Rose GA Geoffrey Alfred 37 Armfitt Cancer aged 58
  Died Townsville 22/12/2006
Rotsey E Rocky   Tribute   Died England UK
Ruddick GL Graham 7 App   Died
Sams VC Vern     Died
Saunders JC John "Saundo" No 4 App Tribute 13/7/2010
Saville RG Glenn   Emphysema
Died Jan 1997 Tinonee NSW
Seymour WA William Allan   Tribute Died 1994
Sharpe D Dudley (Dick) No 4 Arm fitt Tribute
Died 15Aug2006
Sharpe MR Marty 10 App Tribute   Died
Ship FW Frank   RAAF Accident Killed.75 Sqn Wlm. 1960
Smith BF Barry No 16 App Tribute 6/12/2009, WA
Smith E Edwin "Eddie" No 61 Arm 1943, No 13 ArmFitt 1955 Tribute 23/10/2010
Smith CB Charles, Barry "Bo" 103 Armourers emphysema   Died Darwin, buried Enfield, Sep 1989
Smith GD Greg "Tex" 20 App Lung Cancer
  Died Wurtula QLD. 16/03/04
Smith KP Keith Purdy     Died Rosewood QLD 1972
Smith L Leslie 20 Armfitt Tribute Age (35) Died Vic 1970 Laverton, buried Western Cemetry Geelong VIC
Smooker LB Lindsay   Tribute age 68 Died in 1982
Sparkes RJ Richard James "Jim" WW2 and 1 ArmO Jun 55   Died
Spur R Ray 102 Mechs    
Stickland A Al   Lung Cancer Died 19/08/1999, Greenwood, WA
Stocks SN Sydney Nelson Arm course 1944 exact U/K Tribute Died 16/8/2010
Stonham EA Edgar Ashton "Joe"   (Tribute)
Brain Hemorrhage,
High Blood Pressure
37 years old
Died 10th Jan 1964
Strickland CR Col 18 Armfitt 1959 Lightning Strike ? Died 1971
Stuchberry GE Grantford "Grant" No 25 Armechfitt 1983   U/K Died 16/12/2011
Sullivan JP James Patrick (Happy) enlisted 1942
was on 13 ArmElec 1955
Tribute Died 29 Nov 2007, aged 84
Allora, QLD
Symes GS Gordon  95 Fitt Arm Malaya 1950 Korea 52 Died 09/05/06 Geebung, QLD
Teece PI Peter 19 Armfitt 1960 Cancer   Died 2000
Vale T Terrance "Terry" No 16 App Tribute Died 26/11/2009, Raceview Ipswich QLD
Vincent KL Ken " Bratt " 14Armechfitt 1980 Motor Cycle Accident (Tribute) Died Dec 85
Vincent PL Paul No 55 Mechs, 37 ArmFitt 1968 Tribute Died 24/3/2010
Walker C McB Colin McBean 2 App (Tribute) Died 27DEC1994 (NMH)
Fern Bay, NSW
Walsh TC Tom   Brain Tumours
Died Brisbane Qld
Walton ML Merv (Gunner)   After Stroke
Died Tamworth 08/07/03
Warrel VG Vince     Died T'ville 
Wendell RW Robert " Bob "   Heart Died Penrith 12Mar82
lateof St Clair
Wennagel PJ Peter 10 App (Tribute)
Accident Mt. Climbing
Died 2/12/64 Mt Oberon VIC
Whiddon P Phillip Roy "Speedie"   Bowel Cancer (Tribute)
aged 62
Died NSW
26 Sep 2001 (DT)
Whitfield JW John   Cancer Died 1970
Andrew "Andy"
12 ArmMechFitt
Heart Attack

Died 18Nov 2007
Darwin N.T

Williams WN Warren 16 App     Died 81/82?
Canberra, Funeral Wagga
Wilson EJ Eric 11 App Cancer Died late 1990's Victoria
Wootten RH Richard Henry (Dick) 41 ArmFitt 1969 Tribute U/K Died 6/10/2010
Young   Eric   Tribute    


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