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Terry Holman

Terry Holman

12th April 2008

Mores sad news....

Last night I was informed by Bill Black of Terry Holman's death in Yelarbon. He heard the NEWS from Sid Snodgrass who heard it form Barry Hodgson. Hence the delay in informing you all.

I rang Dawn and Tiny Quinn this morning and they were able to talk to Terry's neighbor, who found Terry last Sunday 5/04/08 on his bed deceased with blood from his nose, presumably from a fall.

The funeral is to be held at the Graveside at 1:00pm TOMORROW 13/04/08 With Drainks at the Hotel afterwards.

Yelarbon is situated 40km west of Inglewood and 50km east of Goondiwindi. The Yelarbon Cemetery is located in the Waggamba Shire Council on the Cunningham Highway.

Please attend if you are within a reasonable distance from there. He was a Gunnie and will be remembered by us all as one of the breed.

Bill Riley


I attended Terrys' Funeral at theYelarbon Cemetery today. It was quite well attended, about 100 I guess. Weatherwise... clear and quite hot.

Barry Hodgson and his wife were there as well, (I hadn't met them before today) would have liked to have lingered longer at the Hotel for drinks, BUT 2 3/4 hrs drive back here.

circa mid 70s I worked with Terry at 1CAMD and a few trips to Woomera, there I found out he was a dab hand with a pool cue, nice fellow.

RIP Terry

(Tuffy) Bruce Tough, Narrabri
Sad news.

David Penna

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