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Ken Bickham

102 Armourers Course
Died 27Jan2004


I became mates with Ken through the Rye RSL Club where I knew him to be an ex RNZN veteran.  With surprise I learnt that he was also an ex RAAF Armourer.  He brought along some of his course notes and was a typical Gunnie and very proud of the fact.  He was a bonzer chap and a great pleasure to be with.  Wild even at his age, the old dears weren't safe with him in the club (everyone loved him).  He had a bad case of emphysema and moved away to live at his daughter's home in Boronia in the his last few months.  A few of us from Rye traveled up to town to have a beer with him shortly before the end.
His funeral was held here at Rye with the RSL and RAAF in attendance.
Farewell old mate
Bill Riley

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