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Denis John (Blue) Hardy
No 21 Armament Fitters Course 1960


Funeral Notice 'Townsville Bulletin

HARDY, Denis John.
Townsville Bulletin 16 July 2007

HARDY, Denis John.
Late of Magnetic Island. DENIS passed away
peacefully on Thursday 12th July, 2007 at the Mater
Hospital. Dearly loved Husband of Lesley. Loving
Father to Sharon and Glen. Stepfather to Kingsley.
Grandfather of Ashley, Tristan, Koah, Indi and Anna.
Cherished Cousin to Geoff and Dot and their Cousin
Alan and Hope.
Family and Friends are invited to attend a
CELEBRATION of DENIS Life which will commence at
JULY, 2007 at the Lakes Chapel, Morleys Funeral
Home, Cnr. Hugh Street and Martinez Avenue,
Magnetic Island RSL Sub Branch
Members of the above are respectfully invited to attend
the Funeral Service of their late Comrade-in-Arms
DENIS JOHN HARDY which will commence as above.
Geoff Barlow


Denis was one our true larikins :-) and a great artist but couldn't dance a step. Loved to have a bourbon , painted with a passion, and passed his lovely first wife onto me at socials :-[   as he knew I loved the dance.He and I kicked around a lot in Malaya and Ubon and to ensure his supply of Jack Daniel's in Ubon he often quickly knocked up a velvet portrait of a weathered local and had me auction it off at the Yank Camp for no more than the price of a quart, ignoring my pleas that we could get a much better price. "No" he would say "I need a drink more". Should of bought the bloody things myself!
He actually painted me a golden hew sunset of Kedah Peak (Gunung Jerai,1,200 meters) from a photo I took whilst flying a Cessna back from Alor Satar which he took  back to Australia whilst I was in Ubon during the change over of the Mirages and Sabres. I eventually caught up with Denis in Townsville but his mum had claimed the painting and I never did get to own it.

He re mustered to a draftsman using his artistic skills to fill in a truncation that he should have use French Curves to do but he was not familiar with them at the time, so drew 'it' in. Passed with flying colours! His love for art took over and he retired to Magnetic Island to pursue his passion. His seascapes were so real that one felt that if you stood too close you might feel the sea spray. Naturally thy were in demand by collectors and galleries.

Saddened by Blues passing on but gladdened by him passing by. RIP mate.

Regards, Ken Kane.


Tribute for a dear friend,

Sad to hear of Denis passing away. I knew Denis in 77SQN (Butterworth) in 67 - 68, as well as in Ubon in 67.

He was a colourful character and a very talented artist. Denis was famous for his paintings, particularly on black velvet. I was lucky enough to actually win one of black velvet paintings; it was of a Thai girl standing in a waterfall, and it was a classic, as were all of his black velvets. Quite a number of his paintings were raffled in the local Airmen’s’ Club or other such venues, even though we tried to convince him that he could have sold them for quite a sum.

Many of the paintings on various bill boards around the base at Ubon were done by Denis.

I later met Denis at ARDU in Laverton when he was remustered to a draughtsman in 69 & 70 up until he left the RAAF in early 1970. He often walked from the drawing office to the ARDU Armament section to see us and have a good yarn. Denis says he really had a win there. He was successful in his remuster from an Armourer to a Draughtsman, without losing any pay, and no one bothered to look at how much time he still had to serve in his current engagement. At the time of his remuster, he actually had just over a year to serve. When his time was up, making a total of 12 years, he quietly said “Goodbye” to the RAAF at Laverton. His farewell ‘do’ was at our place at Laverton around December 1969 or so.

Denis was a very good Armourer and could work like a Trojan, but his real love was in his drawing and painting. He recalled how he had been taught how to paint on black velvet by a then well known artist in the Philippines , when he went there for maritime exercises with the 10 SQN.

I saw him several times after his departure from the RAAF and he was always happy with his lot. His well known saying was, "There's 130 islands between here (TVL) and Mackay, and I haven't seen them all yet, but I'll just have to do another painting!" On one occasion I visited him at his home in Nambour, around 1972, when he was relying on the Brisbane Art gallery for exposure. He was about to secure an art deal with someone in Hawaii, so that let him leave the “cold” climate of Nambour and head for his favourite of Magnetic Island. I saw him again in July 1980 when I was on exercise with the P3’s at TVL and he was doing well then. I saw him later in Sydney at a 79SQN reunion in 1993, and he wasn’t well at all. But, he was still the larrikin at heart.

As well as his painting skills, he really had the gift of telling a good yarn, and he knew a lot of yarns about the early armourers, particularly of his early days at 10SQN in TVL with the Lincolns and the Neptunes.

Rest well, Blue.
John Clarkson


I met Denis in B'worth and lived close to him in Tanjong Bungah, he was a good friend and I remember the parties at "Sea Home",of which I have many slides of Blue and Louise, his first wife. I will cherish the painting he did of my daughter, born in Penang during that time , as I will the memories of all those velvet paintings he used to do for the Yanks when we went to Ubon. We looked for him on our c'van trip 2 yrs ago and did not know he was on Magnetic Island.
Blue, ol mate I will miss you, sleep in peace .
Pieter Labrooy

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