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Fight Lieutenant Allan William Seymour

Article in the DT Nov 26 2005
(Bill Altmann)


This is my father, Allan William Seyrnour, some miles out of Port Moresby during World War II.  He was Officer Commanding RAAF Bomb Disposal Unit No 5. His left thumb is bandaged and the end of his index finger is missing. This is because while he was checking a Japanese detonator to record it's design, it exploded. It happened in August 1943.
Dad used his skills as a draftsman in researching the enemy's weaponry. Every piece of Japanese armament that came his way was dismantled photographed and recorded.
He produced volumes of information on the delousing of Japanese armaments. Dad was born at Chatswood in 1907 and was raised at Quakers Hat Bay (Mosman) with three younger siblings. He became a fitter and turner, then a stockman and after the war he returned to engineering at Willoughby Council. He enjoyed physical work and in 1963 took up farming into his eighties. He died in 1994.

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