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Rory Jay Joseph Finn
No 42 RAAF Armament Fitters Course

Died in a RAAF Accident at Williamtown
(Air to Air Gunnery, Towed Target Excersise)


FINN, Rory Jay Joseph
Posted By Rory Smith (
On 12/21/04: My Father served at 42 armfitt. In 1972 He died in an RAAF accident. I was just trying to find anyone one that might have known him.
Thank you,
Rory Smith

Posted: 28 Sep 2005 09:39 pm Post subject:  Thank you all for replying to my sisters post on .

Rory Finn left behind three children and a wife who loved him very much. Myself being the oldest I have no memories of my father. As I was just over two when he died. Natalie Jane Finn was just over one and Rory Lorraine came along about 5 months after. We don't have much in the way of photos and it was great to here a little about what he did and where he did it. If you guys do have some photo's or a story for us if you be great to have a copy or hear the story.

As for myself I ended up in the RAN for 11 years, I was an EWT (SIGSOP for the RAAFies) and severed on HMAS PARRAMATTA, HMAS CANBERRA, HMAS ORION, HMAS GEELONG, and HMAS DERWENT. And yes I was submarine qualified as well. I was deployed to most of the vessels while serving at RANTEWSS at HMAS ALBATROSS, and towards the end of my service I worked at DSD. I am now working at TransACT in Canberra as an Analysis Programmer, however I am hoping to move up to Brisbane in the next year to be closer to Mum, Dad and my Sisters. Rory has married into the army, her husband is an aircraft mechanic in Oakey at the moment. Greg served in ET twice and we are all thankful that he came back to us safely. Mum remarried about 10 years after dad past. Our step dad is an absolute champion and I have nothing
but the highest regard for him. He also had 4 kids so we became a bit of a Brady bunch with 7 kids and 5 years between us.
Nathan Finn

Followup Comments:
Added By alan turnbull ( On 01/05/05: INFO re RORY FINN:Hi, my name is Alan Turnbull, I worked with your father Rory Finn in Townsville (10 Sqn Neptune aircraft) from late 1968 until we both went to Wagga for our Armament Fitters course (42 ARMFITT) in March/April 1970. Rory's closest mate in Townsville was Herb Newberry (now deceased).
Contact me by email if you have any questions.
Alan Turnbull

Added By P.J. Hall ( On 02/18/05: My name is Peter (PJ) Hall and I worked with your dad at RAAF Base Williamtown. I was acting as relief for your father on the Banner Crew when he went for a dental appointment. I had a chat to him when he returned and it was only a short time later, after I had gone back to my work, that he had his unfortunate accident. I was not a close personal friend however feel free to contact me if you need any info.
PJ Hall

Added By Ken Swanson (Wyatt) ( On 02/24/05:
My name is Ken Swanson (Wyatt) and I also served with your father at Williamtown. I was also a pallbearer at his funeral.
I was and still am deeply sorry for your loss he was a great bloke
Ken Swanson (Wyatt)

Added By Brian Haddrick ( On 05/02/05: My name is Brian Haddrick. I was a member of 42 armfit course and remember Rory as a good man and we got on well together. I only worked with him during the course then we went to different bases.
Please email me if I can be of any further assistance.
Brian Haddrick

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