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Peter (Bat) Roberts


Bat Robert’s Eulogy
I am writing with regard to my late husband, Peter “Bat” Roberts. I have been in contact with several armourers and no doubt by now the Association is aware of Pete’s very sudden and unexpected death on Tuesday November 19th, 2002. Pete was very proud to have been an armourer and in the few short years I have had with him, he frequently regaled me with many and varied tales of his exploits, as well as those of his brother armourers.
We travelled to NSW five years age for the annual reunion and I did in fact meet many of his comrades, as well as those who have visited us down here in Tasmania.
Pete was an old fashioned fellow in many ways and this meant he was often on the receiving end of somewhat trite comments. But he steadfastly held to some old-fashioned values, such as respect, loyalty, dignity and honesty. It probably managed to get him into strife at times but he accepted that. He died here at home, in the place he loved and we all farewelled him here amongst his trees, animals, piles of junk and his beloved saw-mill. He had accomplished much since his Air Force days, but there was still so much for him to achieve. I am proud to call Pete my husband and will endeavour to keep his memory alive and strong.
I am enclosing a copy of our final tribute to Pete. Please remember him to all his armourer comrades – as I said he was so proud to call you all his “brothers”.
Bev Murphy

Bat died suddenly about 9 pm last night (19/11/02). No funeral info as yet. His parents are with his wife Bev in Tasmania. All are somewhat shocked as he has not been unwell. He was still working as a cave guide as late as two days ago. Their number is in the white pages.
Boris' Kuskopf

So sorry to hear this! I knew him well and worked with him in Williamtown, Butterworth and Kingswood. Always fun to be with. To young to die!
Bill Riley

A great shock. I have many fond memories of Bat.A man who would give you the shirt of his back if you needed it more.Will meet where all gunnies gather.
Peter (Dogs) Donaghy

Just found out, saddened by the news, Bat was a selfless individual, was hoping to catch up with him in Tassie on my next visit after learning of his whereabouts at the Vic. reunion. I've always thought of him as a pre-emptive Indiana Jones.
Len Gacka

Sorry to hear about Bat, I stayed at his place in Tassie in 1987
He stayed at my place a few years ago when we went to the Penrith reunion. A Bloody good Armourer and a loss to the airforce when he left an even greater loss now 
Lindsay Cox

Bat gone? I'm so gob smacked that it has taken me ten minutes to start this.
I am so sorry. We were partners in crime as young blokes and it was always a pleasure to catch up with him through the years. My last memory of him was a happy one at a ST Barbara's day a few years ago.
Vale Bat
George and Laraine Shores

Just found the website and shocked - have corresponded with bat each Xmas for years and wondered why I got no response last couple of years - anyone know what happened now? He was a great mate and boy could he get into trouble 
Mongo Morrison

The world will not be the same without Bat - a real bloke whom I greatly admired. Many of us thought that Bat's 'career' on this planet might have come to an end after Len Gacka's canary became a meal for Bat's snake!

Fortunately, Bat survived Len's retribution, but the canary appears to have had the last laugh.
We all miss you, Bat
Dave Roockley

(Ex Clerk - 1975 to 2001)

Well I’ll be blowed, so sad to here about one of the gunnies legends.   I had a lot of good times and memories with him at! CAMD in the 70s.  I still remember the day his Python got him because he was too slow giving the mouse in his room.   As we all know there are many stories to be told of him   He is often in my thoughts and stories to be told
MACCA The Cook
(Wayne and Pam McCarthy)

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