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Peter McGuiness

A210677 P J McGuinness 9 Sqn
Peter McGuiness had two postings to 9SQN Vietnam,
9 Apr 68 to 12 Mar 69, and
18 Jun 70 to 19 Mar 71.


Peter McGuinness (born 10 Aug 25) passed away in Canberra on 27 Dec 04. Pete was a very dedicated Squadron identity and much liked by everybody he contacted.
He is survived by siblings Geoff, Barry, Jenny, Judy and condolences may be
forwarded to Geoff McGuinness, 12 Lane Poole Place, Yarralumla, ACT, 2600.
A funeral service will be conducted at the Norwood Park Crematorium, Mitchell, ACT on Friday, 31 Dec 04 at 1000 hours. Please wear medals and brevets if able to attend.
Regards to all,
Acting National Secretary (9 Sqn Assoc)
Tele: (02) 4982 3606

Very sad news to hear Peter has passed on - I knew peter very well when we where at Kingswood together. Had quite a few beers with the "Colonel" as he was known as.A WW2 and Vietnam Vet I believe. As one story goes He used to give the side gunners on the choppers a fredo frog if they returned without firing their guns. Didn't have to clean them I suppose.
Quite a character the "Colonel"
Lindsay Cox

Sadly missed
I knew Peter at Canberra and served in Vietnam 68-69 with him, he taught me how to clean guns after a days operations and he was fairly short with crewman whom decided to have a blast away on the way home.
Whisky Carter

My thoughts go to the Colonel's family and to the good times we had picking up practice bombs in Canberra.

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