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Last Post - Peter Hogan & Willy Pearce

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Peter Hogan         Willy Pearce


Peter Hogan/Willy Pearce. 

I always spare a thought for a couple of guys off my 21 app Arm/Fitters Course who were killed in motorbike accidents.
They were Peter "Happy" Hogan. who died as a result of a an accident outside the Boatie in Butterworth. Pete. in my memory was exactly as his name implied , one of the happiest and best natured blokes it was my privilege to know. Played a pretty fair game of football as well.

The other bloke was our course "Casanova", Willy Pearce who's actual details, regarding the accident, I'm not sure of except I would guess he was on his MotorGuzzi at the time Willy, I remember was a pretty fair cross country runner and thought nothing of running from Forest Hill into town to see his girls.
I dont know of any others that may have gone in the meantime but these two will always remind me of those times at RSTT and beyond.
by Kem Everett

Will Pearce Died Sth Aust, between Gawler & Elizabeth, possibly 1980. Bushie Unicomb was pillion and survived.
by Mick Newton

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