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No 20 RAAF Apprentice Course 1969


Peter Churchward was killed in tragic circumstances on the highway between Junee and Wagga one morning on his way to work.
He was driving behind another car and came across a house on a low loader coming in the opposite direction. The car in front suddenly veered off the road. He had seen the house being moved had a veranda sticking out into his lane. He veered off the road but Peter did not have time to do anything and was basically decapitated.

 I first met Peter Churchward about 1983(?) at Penrith TenPin Bowl.
Peter and Lynda needed a player for their team, and I needed a team. We were a natural fit!
Peter was so easy to get on with, we quickly became friends, and he invited me and my wife to his housewarming of his married quarter at North Richmond.
He showed me the joy of St Barbara's Gun Port.
After he was posted to Wagga Wagga, my wife and I used to travel to Wagga every Easter weekend to stay with with Peter and Lynda, catch up on the last 12 months, and sample the latest gun port.
My job had me needing accommodation in Wagga for week in 1988, and Peter's place at Junee was my home away from home.
My life went a different direction shortly afterwards, and I occasionally bumped into Peter at a dog show here or there.
I've now taken up showing dogs, and have been wondering what became of Peter, as I haven't seen him around a show for a while.
I found your website this morning, and learnt of tragic circumstances of his passing.
Barry Galbraith

   I met Peter in my last few years in the Air Force .  I was absolutely taken with his beautiful dog Ben I think, and ended up with a Keeshond myself.  Pete was a good friend and I was shocked to see his name in last post.  My sincere condolences to Lynda .
Tony (AB) Smith                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Rod,   For whatever reason, I googled 'Churchward Junee' this morning.  First up
was the gunnie website and the piece about Peter's death.  Peter and I (and Lynda)
were friends in the Air Force at Williamtown.  In fact, I was best man at their wedding
as Peter and I shared a room as singlies.  Needless to say, the news came as a shock
even though we have drifted out of contact for some years.  There was no date on the piece,
so I have no idea when this happened.  I am saddened by Lynda's loss.

Don Thompson Jul 2013

Good evening,

I was just told about the Armourers web site and a story about Peter. I am Peter's sister Ruby. I noticed that someone had commented that they didn't know when Pete had been killed.

Pete died in the motor accident on 23rd March 1998. His wife Lynda has never remarried and now lives in Kingscliffe. Rachel & Allan his twins are now 28 and are the parents of one young son (Rachel) and a daughter and twins (boy & girl) for Allan.

It was lovely to read the notices from his friends and see the lovely photo of him when he was so young.

You may be able to post his anniversary date on your website for those who knew him.



Ruby Peddell

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