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Norm Ashburn
No 19 RAAF Armament Fitters Course


"After moving to Tweed Heads. He suffered poor health with strokes and heart problems and eventually died in 1998 of oral cancer"
Greg Gannon

I just heard via the site that Norm passed away in NSW. Norm was a long standing member of 76 Sqn and was with them when the Mirage was introduced.  After discharge in the 70's he bought the Raymond Terrace TAB and was seen around town regularly driving his old Wolsley.  He then bought the TAB in Islington (Newcastle) and disappeared from the scene.  He was a nice bloke, good company and a family man who also liked to socialize.  Another good one who passed our way.  I am sure that I can speak for all in saying
"Farewell Norm"
Bill Riley

I first met Norm at 76 Sqn in 1964 when we were a Sabre Sqn and he was in
charge of the "Tea Club" and we used to enjoy the functions he organised.
When I came back from Butterworth in 1967 I opted to go back to 76 Sqn which
was then a Mirage Sqn and Norm was still looking after the "Tea Club".
Naturally we shared some more good times before he retired.
Norm was one of those good blokes that helped make 76 Sqn a better place to
work in.
Farewell to a good bloke,
Ken Edwards

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