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Mick Hennessy
No 23 RAAF Armament Fitters Course
Mick was hospitalized around Easter with bone marrow and Leukemia conditions.
Mick’s death would more than likely been Leukemia related
Died 06 May 2006


 Sad news from the family of Mick Hennessy that he passed away yesterday morning, 6 May, in Adelaide. Mick was a regular attendee at the 2 Sqn reunions and regularly marched on Anzac Day with 2 Sqn in Queensland. Mick’s wife Eleanor and adult family, Mary, Trish and Paul would welcome any contact from a 2 Sqn representative in regards to arrangements for Mick’s funeral on Thursday 11 May at 9.30am – they can be contacted at:
Mary Hennessy
0408 426 477 or
Eleanor Hennessy
25 Spruance Road
Posted by Baden Kenny

I was saddened to hear of Mick's passing. I recall him very well as my Corporal when I was LAC at Phan Rang. As well as being a good, honest, hard working Armourer, he was one of the funniest people I have ever met. His bunk was directly opposite mine for a year or so, and I have many stories to tell - at a more appropriate time.
From time to time we all meet people who make lasting impressions on us - Mick was one of those people in my life - and I have not even seen him since 1970.
Barry Krosch
Kingaroy Queensland

  So sorry to hear the sad news about Mick, he  was a very old friend of ours from early days.  I have sent a message to Mary for Eleanor.
Regards Sylvia and Jack Grayson

Sorry to hear about Mick, I new him as a Sergeant at ARDU, he was a top bloke to work for.
Michael Stevenson

Mick was a great guy who didn't suffer fools gladly, his gruff exterior hid a thoroughly nice compassionate nature.  He visited us 2 years ago at our reunion here in Victoria.  Typically, he kept the visit secret (from me) as a surprise. Which it was, and delighted me too!  We had a lovely few hours, which I did my best to extend by getting him to stay over.  Unfortunately I failed and he went straight back to Adelaide.
He was one of the best, and I counted him as a friend.
Farewell old friend
Bill Riley

Mick was a great mate of mine in the old days at ARDU Laverton, circa 1960. I always looked forward to having a few convivials in the evenings with Mick with a few of our other mates. I'm glad he turned up unexpectedly to one of the reunions in Melbourne a couple of years ago because we were able to have a real good yarn about the old times. I must add that you wouldn't meet a nicer bloke than Mick.
Farewell old mate,
Ken Edwards

Mick was laid to rest today in Smithfield, SA. The funeral mass was calm and dignified, much like the man himself, with a lot of people from many walks of life paying their respects.
Kev and I said goodbye on behalf of the Armament fraternity. Having both worked with Mick, and talked with him on St. Barbara's Day last year, we were well aware of what sort of a bloke he was, the comments already posted are right on the money.
Russ King and Kev Driscoll

I first met Mick at A R D U in 1959, as like Ken I enjoyed the odd drink with him (actually they taught me to drink, we had a great group of Armourers there).  I was next with him in Townsville, 1968 -1971 where I met Eleanor & the family, when I was married in 1969, we had many great times with them & they were great support to Maureen & me when we lost our first child.  I will never forget them for their help.  I was fortunate to see him Anzac Day a few years back.  I spoke to Eleanor yesterday & we hope to see her next time she is in Brisbane. Rest in Peace Mate.

It was with much sorrow that I read of Mick's passing. We were on the same Fitter's course but never got to see each other much after that as we went in different directions. I am sorry that I haven't been able to come up with a photo of our course. I was hoping that Leadarse Hansen, Trevor Larsen, Les Fulloon or a couple of the other guys on that course would be able to find a copy to post on the relevant page but no luck yet.
Mick had a great sense of humour and a sort of smirk that I'll never forget.
Sandy Sanderson

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