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 Mervin Lesley Walton
(Gunner Walton)

(SMH 19JUL2003) late of Tamworth, formerly of Nambucca Heads


Merv Walton passed away last week and was cremated Tuesday,8th Jul, 2003. Sadly it was a relief as he'd had a very severe stroke and was unable to do anything for himself. He passed away peacefully in his sleep at the nursing home in Tamworth.
Denny Hains

Sorry to hear about Merv he was one of natures gentleman
Jock Lawrie

I'm sorry to hear that Merv (Gunner) has passed away. I first got to know
Merv at 76Sqn in early 1968 and found him to be a good bloke.
Ken Edwards

Likewise, I am very sorry to hear that Merv has passed on. He was my boss as a WOFF in 76 Sqn and 481. Also on attachments to exotic places eg. Bali, Darwin, Townsville. He could/should have kicked my arse a few times when he didn't.
I last saw him at Kingswood about 1982, when he was a civvy,and used to come to the mess on a regular basis. Another good one passes on. It is a shame that I heard too late to send a tribute to his rellies.
Bill Riley

Merv (Gunner) Walton was the 1st Armament Warrant Officer who had us wet behind the ears Armament Mechanics trembling at the knees when we strode into 481 Armament Section in April 1969 ready to take on the world with our new found knowledge; a few laps of the barrel bath soon sorted us lot out!! Later, some years after, in Butterworth, and, after he discharged, I got to know him as a real gentleman, a person I shall always think of as a true gunnie, and a legend in his own time.
Goodbye Merv, it has been a pleasure to know you.
Bob Cornwell

As a young LAC at 76 Sqn, I used to car club with Merv and Stu Atkins. I have since suspected that Merv made me the offer to join his car club because he knew we were doing it tough at the time. He was like that. He had a great sense of humour and looking back on things, managed the Section with a pretty soft hand.
Buck Rogers

Gunner: Lasting memories of serving with you at Butterworth. You were one of a kind. Rest in peace mate.
Rick Hinton

Zanne passed away some ten or more years ago she and Merv were living in South Penrith

Jim Riches

I too am saddened to learn of the death of Merv.  Like so many others I remember him as one of natures gentlemen. I remember him as my Big Chief at 76 Sqn.
Al Stuart-Sutherland

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