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WOFF Keith Jones

I was talking to Jack Dunstan in Innisfail last week, and he informed me that Keith Jones had died!
I rang Laurie Tucker on Monday night and he confirmed that Keith had died late last year, after a long illness. For those who were never at 1CAMDEP/ Kingswood, Keith Jones was a WOFF Explosive Examiner ; his stamp being EIS RED. I first met Keith when posted to KWD in 1970, when he was WOFF in charge of the Proof Yard and I was CPL at that time. Keith was a fairly quiet man who had served in WW2 as crew on Cat`s flying out of Nth Qld, and I suspect might have transfered into armament after the war ended. Keith was one of a great line of WO`s we had in those days who were a joy to work with, although he may not have at times wished to have crossed paths with one Cpl Webber. Keith & I probably did more damage to Proof Yard Equip't than any other past or present members. I must have at one stage, (being a know all CPL) convinced him that a small matchbox full of flash sensitive leads / & small booster leads we had pressed out of 904 fuses would be safe to destroy in the Proof Yard Gas Destructer. After warming up destructer we dropped said matchbox down loading chute and started to walk back to Proof Yard main bulding; thinking that all we might get is a bit of a flash and a small bang at best when they ignited. As we got level with building there was an all mighty BANG, we looked around in horror to see Destructer Cell enveloped in black smoke. When smoke cleared, we found that the Loading Chute (made from 1/4 plare steel) had been blown out of top of Destructer and was perched on top of same. The cement casing around the Destructer had bits blown off it and looked like a dog with the mange. We quickly repositioned the chute into Destructer and decided not to mention said incident, although from that day on, the Destructer never looked good.
Keith Jones, Gentleman, gone but not forgotten.
Halford Webber

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