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Keith James Crail
Warrant Officer


Keith Crail died at Toowoomba on 24 Nov 2003 (stomach and liver cancer)
He is survived by his wife Gloria, daughters Donna and Ruth, and his grandchildren Tiffany, Chloe, Ashley and Rhianna.

Born on the 25 May 1935,  in Toowomba,


Keith joined up in Jan 1952 as a RAAF Apprentice on No 5 intake (Buttercups)


Graduated (top of the class) from RSTT Dec 1954


Was posted into 3AD Amberley Jan 1955, and attached to 1AD Laverton, and then attached to ARDU Laverton.


Was posted to 82 Wing Amberley in Mar 1956. Worked in 482 Sqn and 2 Sqn. In August 1957 did a 3 week trip to RAAF Base Tengah, Singapore, for the Independence Celebrations.


Was Posted to 1CR Marrangaroo ( Ammunition Storage and Maintenance Dept) - Lithgow, NSW. Sep 1957.


Was posted to 78(F)Wing Williamtown in Jul 1958.


Was posted to Butterworth 478 Sqn and 3(F)Sqn Jan 1959.


Returned to Australia aboard the S.S. "Agamemnon" in Feb 1961.


Was posted to 81(F)Wing Williamtown in April 1961. Worked in 481 Sqn, then 75(F)Sqn.


Was attached to 3(F)Sqn based at Changi, Singapore during the Indonesian Confrontation Sep -Oct 1964


Was posted to RAAF Base Butterworth 75(Sqn) in May 1967.


Was posted to 1CAMD Kingswood in Sep 1969.


Was posted to 9 Sqn operating Iroquois Helicopters Jan 1974.


Was posted to HQSCU Melbourne in Jul 1976.


Was posted to 22 Sqn RAAF Base Richmond, VIC. (Citizens Airforce) in Jan 1980.


Moved to Toowoomba with family in Jan 1982.


Reported to RAAF Base Amberley for "Discharge from the RAAF" in 22 Jan 1982. After 30 years of continuous service.


Started work for J&J Cash Toowomba (Textile Industry) in Aug 1982.


Termination of Employment (Factory Closed) 1 Mar 1993. RETIRED!!


Married Gloria in Maitland on 13 Jun 1964

Donna Lea Crail was born at the Royal Newcastle Hospital on 7 Jul 1965, and

Ruth Ellen Crail was born at the Nepean District Hospital, Penrith on 29 Jun 1971.

Tributes to Keith

I knew Keith from my early days at Williamtown and in those days he was at 75 (F) SQN and I was at 76 (F) SQN, both SABRE SQNS in those days. We enjoyed the normal rivalry that exists between squadrons and we always had time for a beer together. This camaraderie continued when we both served at Head Quarters Support Command (HQSC) Melbourne and any Armament problems that concerned us were usually solved quickly and in a friendly manner.
Keith was a gentleman who was respected by all ranks and will remembered by all those tradesmen who served with him.
Farewell Keith with sorrow from your old  Armourer mate.
Ken Edwards

Keith [Foot] Crail, an old Airforce and Gunny mate of Bob and John Bedson, Danny Holt, John Marriner and Dave [Bushie] Trimble. 
We are all saddened to hear of his death as he was well known and well liked amongst the Gun Plummers Fraternity.  
Regards Bob Bedson, Townsville.

I knew Keith at Williamtown in the 60's, but didn't get to know him well until I was posted to Spares Assessing in Cordell House HQSC. My then boss became a friend and mentor. Who made me welcome and invited me to come to his Heidelberg married quarter for dinner and to meet the family.
He was the straightest bloke you could meet for someone born with a little devil inside. We went to the Dorcas St Mess on Fridays dressed in civvies (jacket and tie) where he always wore his TGIF (Thank God It's Friday) tie. Frequently on the way back to work, he would elbow me in through the "Green Door" for a SHORT extra beer. On his desktop he had a (Round Tuit), he always and conscientiously did.
I heard the news of his cancer and was devastated. At only 68 years old, he was too young to receive a sentence like that.
Like a lot of others out there, I left it too late to get in touch with him. After talking to Gloria on the phone, I rang him at St Andrews Hospital and his voice, although the same as I remembered, showed the pain he was feeling. I rang again the following week, only to find that the family was by his bedside awaiting his demise. It was a long vigil. He passed away the following morning.
Keith died of stomach and liver cancer, which had progressed throughout his body. He had lost a lot of weight (7 stone).
Farewell old friend. We will remember you always.
Bill Riley

May he rest in peace, give his family strength on this time of grief, he was a great mate & friend, sadly missed, I was pleased I spoke to Gloria last weekend at the hospital before he passed away,

Just heard the news about our old mate Foot. I am sadden to hear of his passing and wish to add my condolences to Gloria and family. I am disappointed I was unable to attend Foots' funeral as I am presently working in Vietnam and will make contact on my return.
Bodgie Moore

Just to let you,and all Gunnies know that Allen Jones,Kev Millard and I (Brian Eggins) attended Keith's funeral.
The service was very well conducted and our old gunnie mate,"Foot", was sent off in style.We were privilaged to spend a short time with his widow,Gloria.We took this opportunity to express our condolences and those those of all Gunnies who knew and served with "Foot".
Gloria was very, very appreciative of our attendance and the expression of sympathy from "The Gunnies".
R.I.P. Keith "FOOT" Crail.
Brian Eggins

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