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(mates Peter Wenegall and Bomber)
John (Bomber) Huxtable
Died VIC 6 Oct 2001
No 10 RAAF (Armament) Apprentice


Bomber  Was in many of the same units that I happened to be.  In 76 Sqn we were both CPLs together and I got to know him well.  His humor was contagious and laced with irony.  The queer trades copped it mercilessly especially Radtechs and Clockwinders. Bomber attended the Vic Reunions for years and lived out at Hoppers Crossing.  Then mysteriously stopped attending, unknown to us he was ill with brain tumors and undergoing therapy.
I last saw Bomber at the RAAF Museum Point Cook in late September 2001 when we were doing some research for our Web-Site and called to asked him to come along.  When we (Ken Edwards and myself) called to ask, we were told of his condition by his wife.  She whispered that doing some research would be an excellent way to take his mind off the torture that he was enduring undergoing radiation and chemo therapy for his brain tumors.  Bomber was obviously quite unwell and not up to a lengthy fossick through the RAAF archive.  Too soon Barbara whisked him away for another therapy session.  Only a week later she called to say that he had passed away.  Another larger than life character that will be always remembered and sorely missed.
Rest in peace my friend
Bill Riley

Monday, October 8, 2001 at 09:24:25 (Guest Book)
Only found out about this site last night a little sad news was past on to me John BOMMER Huxtable passed away yesterday early hours. All rosebuds 56-58 will remember him.
Blue West

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