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John Phillip "Buck" Hennessy
No 43 RAAF Armament Fitters Course

Died 23 April 2007


Gus Walters gave us the the sad NEWS that Buck has passed away. Buck Hennessy's son has passed it on. and that he woul pass on any further details. He has been in regular contact, and was shocked that this has happened so suddenly.

We rang the "Finney Funeral Parlour" and they have a Chapel Service for Buck at 3.00 PM tomorrow, Friday 27th April 2007 at : Finney Funeral Services
Address: Nunamina Avenue
Kings Meadows, TAS, 7249
Telephone: 03 6343 2266


News Paper Notice via Gus Walters:-
HENNESSY, John Phillip
1949 - 2007
Taken suddenly April 23, 2007.
My best friend and love of my life. Your loved and loving wife Jill.

Son of Maurice and Elva (dec.). Brother and brother-in-law of Gary and Pam, Brett and Rae, loving father and father-in-law of Justin and Kelly, and Kirk.

Son-in-law of Lloyd and Mary Dunn. Will be greatly missed by all who knew him. A wonderful gentleman.
Finney Funeral Services. PH 63432266


I was one of the lucky ones and saw Buck every couple of months , and I can tell you that he never changed a bit . He was still the same old Buck, wouldn't hurry for anyone or anything. Mike Lewis and myself attended his funeral and passed on condolences from all the Gunnie world.
A good send off.
My shout next Buck.


Well another chapter in the book of life has ended

Mike Lewis and myself went to the funeral and passed condolences to his family from all of the gunnies.
Buck's  Father, brother Gary, sons Justin and Kirk and Wife Jill  were all there and were all spoken to by us, to pass on, that our thoughts are with them . There would have been about 100 people there to see him off.  The Boys had a very touching collection of photo's of Buck's life they showed on screen during the service and tributes from the Gunnies site were also read at the funeral.  The boys are going to put together a web page as a tribute to their father and are looking for extra photo's and stories (tales) on Buck's life to add to it.   So if anyone wishes to contribute any tales to add to this they would be grateful. When they were young, Buck was away quite a bit and they would like to fill in some of those gaps.
Justin and Kirk have asked me to pass on Kirk's e-mail address for anything to be forwarded too.
Justin said he will send a better picture of Buck to put on the Gunnies site.
Any one wishing to pass on their thoughts to Buck's father (Maurice)or brother (Gary) may do so by sending mail to Gary  at

Regards Gus


It was with complete shock and sorrow that I recieved your E-mail about the passing of Buck.
I will always remember him from our days at 2OCU as I am sure so will you. He was one of those quiet dangerous types, and was the perfect foil for his best mate-- the irrepressible Jan Kolk.
I have no idea as to the manner of his passing, but may he rest in peace!
The Gunnie world has lost one of its best!
Regards TG.


Likewise, Buck was a great guy, and am floored by all this, as I am sure all who knew him will be. He was far too young for this to have happened. When Gus passed this message to me, I had been cursing myself for not having contacted him when I was in Launceston 12 months ago, I could have and should have, while the opportunity was there.
Rest in peace Buck

regards Bill


This list of tributes will be a long one I’m sure, as Buck was one of the most popular Armourers I ever knew.  Little wonder, as he was also one of the nicest blokes I ever worked with; bright, thoughtful, hard working, sincere, I could go on and on, but I’m certain the fraternity knows all about him and the sort of bloke he was. 
I count it an honour to have known and worked with Buck. 
Russell King


My thoughts echo those of TG and you.
Koz, Kolky, Buck....we had some memorable times both at 2OCU and Butterworth.
May he rest in peace.


There's one thing for certain I can say about Buck, that as one of his troopers at 492 in the eighties, he definately had the respect and admiration of his troops, both on the job and socially.The title of "teamleader" wasn't around yet in the eighties but it describes Buck quite well.......... he was also a great family man. A top armourer, a top bloke. Respect.
May you rest in peace,
Blu romer


Really saddened to hear about Buck .As the other guys have said a real gentleman but funny with it. A very dry sense of humour which when put with Jan Kolk was dynamite.
He'll be missed by me and I'm sure every armourer who met him.
Tony (AB) Smith


I can only agree with the previous tributes.
A good guy taken too early.
John Brighton.


I met buck straight out of Wagga on my first posting to OCU in 1977, along with Koz, Kolky, Churchy, and the last remaining member of that CPL’s club I won’t mention in case I jinx him. All I can think is God must have a wicked sense of humour to take these guys and put them around him. Buck made an impression on me I will not forget.
The world has lost another gentleman.
Trevor Perry(TP)


I have very fond memories of buck, he was a great armourer, great friend, always remember times at 75 Sqn.
May he rest in peace.
My prayers & thoughts are with his family. 

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