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Jeremy Loth
No 36 RAAF Apprentice Course


Jeremy Loth was killed in a motor vehicle accident in 1993 in Williamtown.
Wayne Le Dan

Dave, Lothy was involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident on the way home from work. Unfortunately he died as a result of this. I was at Pearce at the time and it seemed that he had only just left.
Ali Barber ( On 12/02/02:

Thanks for the info. I had lost contact with him after I left the RAAF and it was a bit of a shock to see that he had moved on.
Dave Harrington (Harro) ( On 12/02/02:

Hi everyone, we're Jeremy's family. Don't know if some of you will remember us or not. The boys are now teenagers and are interested in hearing from anyone that knew their dad and may have had photos of him from his time in the RAAF.
Maree Loth
( On 01/24/05:

Jeremy Loth was a greate mate. We spent many an hour passing the idle times on weekends sharing a bourbon.
He’s a legend and I have often wondered what has happened to him.

Shane Rockliff
36b arm app
Ex 77 sqn

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