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Jeff Hollis
(photo 2005)
Died of liver cancer.


  As advised by Dep Sherrif,
Jeff Hollis passed away on 02 January 2006, aged 69. Surviving family are wife Marjorie, siblings David and Sharon.
Funeral details are:

Beresfield Crematorium, North Chapel
10:00 hours Friday 06 Jan 2006

Wake to be held at Muree Golf Club
Norm Andrews

Quoted from the "Grapevine"
I have been in contact with Marge and Jeff Hollis recently and Marge informs me that Jeff has been diagnosed with cancer of the liver and it has spread to the lymph nodes and the outlook isn't too good.
Although suffering bad health for some years he's still the Jeff of old with the smile radiating as always and although they don't have access to the internet and thus the Gunnies website, I'm sure they would appreciate contact from a few of his old gunnie mates.
Contact phone details are 02 4982 8266 and his snail mail address is
18 Blackbutt Crescent Medowie NSW.
As I say I'm sure they would appreciate contact from some faces from the past .
Dep Sherriff

  Just read about Jeff Hollis’ passing. I never came across Jeff until last year’s SE Qld reunion. Jeff was very ill, but wouldn’t have missed it. Also a very special mention for his wife. She put Jeff in the caravan and towed it to Qld, from Medowie, went through a hail storm and still showed up smiling. These two people really are what you could say are the salt of the earth types. Just a message from a young ex-gunnie. And I thought I had met all the legends in my limited time whilst in the gunnie fold. Once again I say, there have been some real good people pass through the trade over the years.
Nino Watson

  I had the opportunity to work with Jeff Hollis at Amberley 482Sgn, 1978-80. He was always a smiling, quiet spoken gentleman. I had only just finished my apprenticeship (30Apps) & 482Sqn was my first posting. So it was a whole new world out there for me, & there were gentleman like Jeff who made it a lot easier to settle into the groove of being an Armament Fitter. It sad to hear of his passing. Thank you Jeff for the memories.
Paul McNamara

  I have lived just around the corner in Medowie from Jeff for well over fifteen years and have seen him battle on with the never flagging devotion and support of Marge. Jeff always had a grin and bear it attitude and remained staunchly optimistic and always the quiet unassuming gentleman. It's sad to see another good one gone to higher service.
Kerry O'Connor

  I was very saddened to read of the departure off our friend and fellow gunny, Jeff.  Our paths crossed twice during our service life, on each occasion he was a staunch and reliable friend and gunny.  He was always cheerful with a sparkle in his eyes, never once did I hear him utter a bad word about another person, or complain about an illness, he was a pleasure to know. The last time i saw him was Jun 6 1996 at a SEW/Arm reunion held at Amberley, it had been 27 years since we had last seen each other, memories took over and we were back all those years ago. You will be missed my friend. Sorry, I was not able attend his last journey, lack off time beat me, which i regret.
Farewell old friend. R.I.P  

The funeral service for Jeff Hollis conducted today, Friday 6 January, was attended by about 100 people (mostly ex-Air Force) including a uniformed party of about 12 from RAAF Williamtown.
Jeff was an Honorary Member of the Sergeant's Mess at Williamtown where they recently named a refurbished bar in his honour. Service participation was quietly organized with usual NCO efficiency and his casket was draped with a RAAF Ensign.
Diane and I attended to honour Jeff's service with 9SQN in Vietnam during 1971.
Brian Dirou

The roll up of troops including Don Felsch, Norm Andrews, Frog Friend, Bruce Tough, Rod Smith & Sparra Gardiner.
There was a contingent in uniform from Williamtown and I'm sure there are others who I've forgotten to mention.  As befitting any memorial service for Jeff, a little drink was enjoyed at Muree Golf Club afterwards.

  I had the pleasure of working with Jeff on several occasions. He was one of the best. I used to see him and Marg from time to time in town. Marg used to take him to as many armament functions as she could manage and it gave him a big lift.
We have lost a good mate in Jeff and I am very sorry that I was unable to be at the funeral.
Greg Gannon

  I was saddened to hear of Jeff's passing. Jeff & I go back a long way. He was one of the first Gunnies I met when I arrived at Williamtown way back in "59.
As was pretty usual then, one of the first places we were sent was to the ammo prep, and any of you oldies out there who ever worked in ammo prep know, it was pretty full-on when there was a programme coming up.
  Just to name a few of the oldies I was fortunate enough to work with - there was Jeff, Blue Bawden, Blue Salter, Russ Johnson, Gordon Blain, Dad Roddom (our block NCO), Blue Clavan, Biccy Donaldson and probably a swag of others whose names escape me. A lot of these guys appear in the Last Post.
  I'll never forget how Jeff had a propensity for building his own rockets - Bloody near shot down a Sabre one day as it came in to land with a rocket he had made. He had spent ages on this thing - hacksawing one side of the cruciform cordite off a 3" rocket, turning up the nose and grid and all that.  It was virtually a mini 3" rocket made out of 2" pipe. What he hadn't done was leave enough breathing space for the gasses to get away.  Anyway, as a test run he had put it in one of the recesses in the ground, lockwired the fins, run a trail of nitro cellulose as a fuse and set fire to it.  All hell broke loose as one by one the lockwires gave way under the strain of the improvised motor and AWAY it went and, as I said, a bloody Sabre was just overhead peeling off for a landing.  I reckon this thing missed it by a foot or so. Jeff & I pooped ourselves.
  There are a lot of incidents just like that about which I could blab on but, suffice to say, we had a great time and I feel all the richer for having worked with Jeff and it was great to see him & Marge at the SEQ Reunion.
I just hope the BIG Gunnie in the sky has no Nitro Cell, Cordite etc.
Cheers ,
Sandy Sanderson.

Kieth and I met Jeff and Marge at the reunion in Tweed heads. Jeff never stopped smiling the whole evening even though you could see how ill and tired he was.We feel very priviledged to have had the opportunity of meeting this very caring and loving couple.
Our thoughts are with Marge at this very sad time.
With highest regards
Denise & Kieth Duckitt

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