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Ivan Robert Baker
No 4 RAAF Apprentice Course


IVAN BAKER a gunnie off the 4th Apprentice Course [Dewdrops] and served for 15 years mainly at Richmond and Williamtown. He passed away on Monday the 23rd and is being buried at 3pm, Friday the 27th at the Mount Gravat Cemetary, Brisbane. He had been in a nursing home for some time now, apparently the effects of the extremely hot weather Brisbane experienced on Monday was a contributory factor.
Bob Bedson Townsville.


I still remember our days at RMIT when Ivan got that nasty shock during the industrial electronics practical experiment. I did run into him in later years at the Richmond RSL. Another good man down.

Bodgie Moore


Ivan Baker, 
Wow what a guy! He and I and other "Gunnie" Dewdrops got to go to Darwin in 1953 to inspect and return WWII explosives to St Mary's In Sydney NSW.
He was a vibrant and humorous  kind of guy and we had great times together.  In Darwin we got to go to Adelaide River to the Wartime Cemetery as his brother was interred there after being killed there during the Japanese Raids he was in the Merchant Marine. Ivan showed his genuine humanity and burst into tears.
He was a true friend and when we caught up some 40 years of separation, we instantly remembered the "good old days".
I know you are at peace Old mate 
Rodney Brett

Gunnie Dewdrop

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