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Darryl (Merg) Quinn
Died at Bilpin, NSW on the 13Aug2005
(aged 69 years)


"He suffered several heart attacks which he believed to be indigestion. He was sent home after hospitalisation, only to have another heart attack and transported to Penrith Hospital where he was put into an induced coma for 10 days.  After which he had lost many everyday body movements along with very low heart function. He died in hospital at 3.30pm on 13 August 2005"

He was cremated at Castlebrook Crematorium and his ashes will be placed at the end of the runway at RAAF Base Richmond, NSW
Info supplied by:
Darren Quinn (Darryl's Son)

Darrel "Mergatroyd" Quinn passed away on Saturday 13th August following a heart attack. I was informed last night by Titch Harrington, who received a phone call from Merg's wife Kay. At the moment I have no further information. I'm sure our deepest sympathy goes to the family at the loss of Merg, a "Gentle Giant" who wouldn't harm a flea.
John Monkhouse

Mergatroyd a trusted friend and work mate.
Vale ole buddy,
Al Ely

Having read of Mergs passing I sat in shock for a while.
He was one of my instructors at Wagga in the late 70,s, I visited his home near Richmond, then was reunited with him when he was employed as a civvie at 1CAMD in 1995, A lot of people never new he was a gunnie, but I remember him well and he was a mentor to me.
RIP old buddy
Grant Woodcock

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