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Sergeant Gordon James Blain
No 1 RAAF Armament Apprentice Course
Died 4th May 1998 aged 67 (Non- Hodgkin's Lymphoma)


Dad died on 4th May 1998 on the Gold Coast. He died of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. On discharge he was a Sergeant.
We had a ceremony on Anzac Day 1999 at Elephant Rock on the Gold Coast. The surf life saving club took some of his ashes out to sea and spread them, as per his wishes.
The Anzac Day Dawn service at Elephant Rock is very moving. One of Dad comrades by the name of "scissors" attended Dad's funeral and the following Anzac Day.
My mother was informed "scissors" had passed also with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma last June.
I am sorry I do not know scissors full name, however know it was Zusowski or something along those lines.

There is a plaque at the RSL club at Currumbin with Dad's name in memorial, as he wished.
He was based in Wagga Wagga and by the time I was born (1959) he was based at Williamtown.

Before Dad passed there was a reunion which I think was held in South Australia. Memorabilia was sent to Dad from someone who was at the reunion as he was too sick to attend.
Kind regards

I have often wondered what ever happened to Gordon. He was one of the
Corporals I first ever worked under when I hit Williamtown back in '59.
There was him, "Dad" Roddom, Blue Bawden, Russ Johnson, but I can't recall
anybody with the nickname of "Scissors".
Back in those days,before the tarmac was even there, 2(F)OCU were sharing
half a hangar with 75Sqn and I've got to tell you there were some very funny
things went on.
One thing that sticks in my memory was the time that Gordon and John Currie
were having a sword-fight with a couple of 20mm cleaning rods up on the
adjoining walls of the shared hangar. They were to-ing and fro-ing,
thrusting and riposting to their hearts content when the W/Off walked in and
the excreta hit the fan.
Funny days!

Jerry Johnson was the 75 Arm W/O and our's was Bugsy Henderson.
I worked with Gordon for many years and I have to say he was a BIG jovial
guy - always laughing - except at promotion time.
He seemed to be passed over a couple of times - probably due to his joie de
vivre and shenanigans. But I thought he was a great guy. When he laughed,
it was a hearty belly laugh and he would laugh so hard sometimes that tears
wouold roll down his cheeks.

Some of the days in Ammo Prep were a real blast (literally) as we would make
up our own rockets, pour nitro-cellulose down ants nests and light 'em up.
I'll never forget one day when (and I'm sure this was Gordon) he put a 30mm
projectile in a barrel, aimed it at the old tin shithouse and set it off
with a battery while Biccy Donaldson was inside said shithoouse.
The bullet went straight through the shithouse, ploughed into the sand dune
behind it and naturally, Biccy came out of the crapper with pants down and
screaming blue murder.

That was a real cause for "tears down cheeks" laughter.
A few of the others at that time were Bluey Black(75), Des Stark, Peter
Moore, Bodgie Moore(75), Trev Larsen(75).
That's about it for my memory.
Hope this helps mate.

Cheers and best wishes to you and yours,
Sandy Sanderson

I remember him and am sad to hear that he died but I never saw or heard of him since we of the 1st Arm Appies finished our course.
Blue Steele

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