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Flight Lieutenent George Albert Bradbury Waldron REYNOLDS
Died 02JAN1984 aged 66 late of Penrith


I met George Reynolds when I was an AC in 1969. George was known as the father of RAAF EOD or as it was in those days ADF (Ammunition Disposal Flight). One of the many fine qualities that George had was that he had a knack of knowing all the pertinent details of each of the members in our section. My father had re-occurring admissions into Concord Repat Hospital as a result of injuries from the Kokoda Track which George found out about and would occasionally call me out and send me off to pick family members up and take them to the hospital to visit.
There were other times when members of the section were required, at short notice, to go on escort duties to Morna Point or Evans Head and not having time to pick up allowances, George would call them out and discretely give them $100 from his own wallet. The members would pay him back over a period of a few pays or when they eventually got their allowances.

George was a honest, straight-up individual and an absolute gentleman.
Eric (Bunny) Easterbrook

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