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Gordon Arthur (Andy) Andrews
(aged 59)
Townsville Bulletin 19FEB2004


Andy was on my Mechs and Fitters course for a short time until he and Ted Ward were involved in a serious road accident they then completed their fitters on another course.
Barry McDonald

I didn't know Andy too well when we were at Willy but later in Townsville (about 1988-9) I used to have the occasional jar with him when he lived at the Tattersalls Hotel. The last I heard (2000) was that he was staying in a boarding house in North Ward.
Bill Riley

I knew Gordon when he had just completed his Mechs course and was in 481(M)Sqn at Williamtown in 1964 and at 75 (F) Sabre Sqn before he went on his Fitters course in early 1965. I met Gordon again when he was in 3Sqn (Mirages). The times I new Gordon he was always a good worker and was good company when having a few beers. The nick name of Alfred E Newman was given to Gordon because he had an infectious cheeky smile similar to the character in the "Mad Magazine".
May you rest in peace Gordon.
An old mate Ken Edwards

Further to Barry McDonalds message, both Andy and Ted Ward returned to Wagga for the same fitters course as I was on, 28 ArmFitt commenced 14 Feb 1966. A nicer bloke you wouldn't meet, may he rest in peace.
Michael (Mick) Cutler

Andy's funeral notice is in today's Bulletin paper[19/02/04].
Apparently he passed away suddenly on WEDNESDAY 11TH' FEB.
There is a funeral service on:
Friday,20th 2004 to commence at 3.00PM at Fitzgerald's Funerals Chapel,564 Sturt Street, Townsville.
His full name was Gordon Arthur ANDREWS.
He was a member of the ex 2 Sqn Association Townsville Branch and I believe some of us members will be attending, also the RSL will have a representative there as he was a member. I did not know Andy that well but at 2Sqdn reunions it was always Gunny talk and of the all the gunnies we knew of.
Bob Bedson Townsville.

I served with Andy at Williamtown and Butterworth until he was medevact home, an old drinking partner of mine. I was advised of his demise by Don Hicks (Sticks) whom socialised with him in Townsville.
Whisky Carter

Andy Andrews, Sorry to see you go. Served with you at Williamtown and Butterworth. Had many a good time on both postings.
Rest in Peace. John Brighton'

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