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RAAF Flight Sergeant Francis Cox
Died - 11 April 1987 in the Royal Adelaide Hospital, age 57


  Not to much is known about Frank, he was a very private sort of a person and as far as is known his main passion was parachuting he was born on the 28 Aug 1929       and his full name was Francis Cox He joined up on the  6 Aug 1952 His mother was not very happy when her Francis became Frank after joining the RAAF. After basic training  he completed his mechanics course in 1953 and then No14 Armament  Fitters course in 1955. He was promoted to CPL in 1958 and Sgt in 1966. I first met Frank when he was an instructor at RSTT after completing his instructional technique course the same year, from Wagga he moved on to Amberley where   after completing several  courses he worked on the F111. In 1971 he completed the P3B Orion Armament course. He was promoted to Fsgt in 1972 and posted to East Sale . In 1974 he completed No 3 Explosive Demolition course.

He retired from the RAAF on the 06 Aug 1976 after 24 years service and lived at Alberton in South Australia . At some stage he developed cancer and passed away on the 11 April 1987 in the Royal Adelaide Hospital at the relatively young age of 57   Frank was not the only member of his family who served in RAAF his brother Sid also joined up and served as a Cook.

My apologies go out to franks family for the way I messed my first attempt at writing a tribute to Frank earlier this year.

Rest in Peace Frank
Jock Lawrie


I remember Frank Cox at Wagga circa 1971 as a sergeant and then ran into him September 1974 until January 1976 when he was FSgt in charge at East Sale. Along with Keith Crossman, Barry Smith, Russ King , Paul Vincent, Blue Pearce, Bob Oscar and I think Ken Phelps made up the section.
As Frank & I weren't all that compatible, I spent most of my time either at Dutson or on the flight line
Pete Sherriff


Just following up on what Jock Lawrie has told you about the late Frank Cox. He definitely did not serve with 492SQN, and I can recall him at MNTESL from some time in 1973 (guessing) until I left on posting to 482SQN in February of 1975.

He came to Sale as the FSGT after Wally Leiper and John Sparling got out and the establishment profile of Armament Section was changed. Bill Rogers stood in for him for a while I recall, long service leave perhaps.
Russ King


Frank and I served in No1 BOCU together on Canberra Bombers in 1969, at Amberley.
From there I went to Vietnam and never saw Frank again
Allan Bullock


Sad to read of Frank's demise.
Back in the late 50's(59-60) while in 2(F) OCU, Frank was the Corporal in charge of our block (447).
As has been stated, he was very much a loner and there were some in that block at the time who gave poor old Frank HELL!
What with Trev Larsen firing arrows up the hallway from one end to the other, Gus Heiligman and his mates (me included) coming home at all hours
pissed, Earl Woodberry and his mate Johnny Whitfield always in the poo for terrorising the Wraffery, it was quite a time.
If memory serves me correctly, I think it was Bill Lugg the W/O at the time.
Or maybe it was Chiefy (Alan Gibbs).
Too long ago!!!

Nice to have known you Frank.
Sandy Sanderson

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