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Denis Cooper
No 11 Armament Apprentice Course


Died England '05/09/1980 Crem. Launceston Tas.

Denis and I apprenticed at Wagga Wagga together and played a fair bit of sport together. He was a sinewy fit person and it was a real shock to hear of his death as one tends to think that he had his build and constitution on his side. Last I had to do with him was at Williamtown and then heard of his demise in England. Miss you mate but it was great knowing you for the time.
Regards Ken Kane.

Dennis Cooper A61108

Dennis Cooper - 1957
I recall that Dennis came from Tasmania and that he was one of the tallest in our intake.

Another thing that I remember from Wagga about Dennis was that he was a very good tennis player. Someone complained that he was too good, so he said that he would play left handed. The problem was that he was ambidextrous and was just as good left handed as he was right. Before he joined up, he was one of the best juniors in Tasmania, if not Australia.

I again met up with Dennis at Williamtown in 1966. He played in the RAAF Williamtown Australian Rules team at centre half back. He had bad eyesight and wore glasses with a strap around his head. The team won the local premiership and had some very good players and some had played at the top level in Victoria and Western Australia. Dennis was selected and played in a Newcastle District side which defeated Collingwood in a practice match. He was one of the best players, and I have no doubt that Dennis could have played very successfully at the highest level.

He was promoted in 1967 and again in 1970. Dennis was commissioned as an Armament Officer in 1974 and attained the rank of Flight Lieutenant. Dennis collapsed and died on 5 September 1980, on a railway station in the UK while on posting. He was cremated in Launceston, Tasmania

RIP Dennis John Cooper
Kevin Kirk
Member of 11th Apprentice Intake (1957)


Dennis supervised me when doing servicings on Matra launchers in 478SQN armament section (Butterworth), a nice gentleman and a pleasure to work with.

Whisky Carter

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