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RAAF Flight Sergeant Armament Fitter David Prosser
Died, Shenton Park, WA 22 March 2007

I have just been told that Dave Prosser has passed away. Dave was a quadriplegic and has been a resident of Shenton Park Rehab hospital for several years. At this stage Funeral details are not known. Anyone
wishing to pay their condolences can do so.
When funeral details are known I will let you know
Cheers Jock


Dave Prosser's funeral is to be held on the 28th March at 10 am at;
Christian Funerals
302 Whatley crescent
Requested No Flowers, condolences may also be sent to the above address His wife's address is:

Ollie Prosser
Unit 2
98 Walter road, Bedford
Western Australia 6052
Ph: 0892761596


I met Dave when he was posted to Pearce prior to discharge, and found him to be one of the most laid back SNCO’s I had met, nothing seemed to faze him. He gave me the best advice I have ever received and that was to Respect the rank, if not the man, because the Pen is mightier than sword. I remembered this for the rest of my career and all I can say is thanks Dave. Another of the good guys gone

Rest in Peace Dave
Jock Lawrie


Dave Prosser was my superior, Flight Sergeant me Corporal, at 77 Squadron in Malaysia and I found him to be very compassionate to his fellow mankind and had a very calm persona. This was at the time when the change over from Sabres to Mirages was about to happen and a lot of personnel were being posted back to Australia and not being replaced.
Consequently the squadrons were left undermanned but were still expected to operate at 100%. Not withstanding this, Dave was a steadying influence on the troops and open to their request on matters.
At the time I was learning to fly and had the opportunity to gain some flying time for free by flying a payroll by the club, to a coconut plantation on Lankawi Island on Tuesdays early mornings. This was to negate robbers by land and pirates by sea hitting on the deliveries of the payroll.
Naturally this delivery would put me back at work late morning, even though I would fly into Butterworth, then fly the aircraft back to Penang after work.On discussing this with Dave, he immediately arranged for me to do this by having me do all the late finishes, i.e. ORP and late sortie returns.
As I said nothing phased him and he always had an open ear. A good man that will be missed.

RIP Dave.
Regards Ken Kane.



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