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RAAF Flight Sergeant David Berry
Lung liver, and bone cancer 04 Sep 2007

Dave died at 6.45 a.m on 04 Sep 2007.


He was at home with his wife Judith, daughter Sheree and son Colin, also two of his grandchildren his struggle has been followed by our fraternity over the past few months until he finally succumbed to cancer.


May Dave rest in God’s peace and may his family be comforted by loving memories of him.  

Desert Willy
Bill Joukhadar
Senior Associate Pastor


I also recieved this sad news from Judy.
I sent my personal condolences to Judy and the family, I believe the support of all Daves friends would be greatly appreciated.

May he forever rest in peace.
Trevor Grant


I also received the sad news from Judith about Dave, its hard to put into words how you feel after another of the good guys is taken well before his time. May you rest in Peace Dave

Regards Jock


To Dave's family my sincere condolences and my thoughts are with you in your grief.

Regards DEP


Draw a red line in the roll book and wish another of the brethren a peaceful journey.

Vale Dave
Russ King



Dave was always a quiet calm gentleman and too young to leave us.

Rest in peace Dave.
Stewart Cook


Sad news everyone. I just received the following message from Judy Berry -
"To all Dave's friends, I would just like to let you know that Dave died this morning at 6.45 a.m. He was at home with myself and our son, Colin, his wife Sheree and two of our grandchildren.
It was a relief to see him go in the end because he was in a lot of pain and it was very distressing to see him so upset.
Judy Berry "

Sad to see another old mate go.
Rest in Peace Dave.
Jim Cash



It's always sad to see of friends from the past die.  
Dave was one of my instructors at Wagga in 1983. 

Best wishes to all family and friends.
Tim Carpenter



Dave was one of my first corporals after RAAFSTT, at ARDU in the early eightys. All been said before but, I will add that he was truely one of the good guys.

Condolences to Dave's family,




A number of Gunnies including myself attended Dave’s funeral to express our condolences to Judy and family from all Gunnies.

I worked with Dave at 6SQN during his last couple of years before his retirement from the RAAF.  He was, as others before me have described him, one of the nicest blokes I have ever had the pleasure to work with and a through gentleman.  Dave was a private man with his quite voice and calm manner.  He also had a keen sense of humour which many people found surprising given his quiet nature.    

Rest in Peace Dave
Bass Broom



I was at Dave's funeral with Bas, Les Que and George Shores. Another good guy passes on too soon.
Rest in Painless Peace Dave

Wayne Craker


What a waste...What can one say…A true gentleman

Fare Thee well Dave
Michael Swan


Terrible news!

Condolences to Dave’s family.
Baz Faulkner.


Dave was my boss at 6SQN for a while.  A real nice bloke and another sorely missed man.

Brian Cusack

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