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Darrell Lawrence Radin
No 41 RAAF Armament Fitters Course
Died Adelaide 23 Oct 2005


Trudy Radin (Darrell's Daughter)   "As you are probably aware by now, Dad passed away quite suddenly this Sunday 23 Oct 05. His lung cancer and brain tumours had been treated and appeared to be in remission, however over the past three weeks his health had deteriorated. Last week we were informed that the cancer had spread to his liver and pancreas. The doctors expected him to survive a further two months, alas this was not the case.

Dad died in the Royal Adelaide Hospital. His funeral will be held at Gawler on Friday at 2pm. Dad knew few people in Adelaide and requested a small and simple family service (that was him). Messages of condolence can be sent to Forgie and Taylor Funeral Directors, 15 Cowan St, Gawler, Ph: 08 85221734. Sorry I don't have their fax number. Dad asked for people not to send flowers and preferred they make a donation to the Cancer Council of Australia.

Mum can be contacted at or Site 126, Hillier Park, Hillier SA 5116.

We will all miss Dad. Mum is doing OK, and has a lot of family support. It is comforting to know that he had many friends in the Gunnie world that cared. Thank you to everyone."

Trudy Radin
Warrant Officer
Management Consultant

Tel: 08 83932869
Fax: 08 83932801

Darrell Lawrence Radin passed away at 10am Sunday 23rd after an 18 month battle with cancer. I have been in touch with his wife, Dawn, and will contact you again with funeral arrangements etc.
Dawn and daughter, Trudy, RAAF W/O, and her husband Chris, also RAAF, are currently working out details. Darrell was in very good spirits until the end. A month ago I sent him the attendance list for the Tweed Heads reunion and he was very keen to try to attend and was to check with his doctor. Three weeks ago he went downhill fast. The day before his death Dawn had to take him to Gawler hospital as he was in severe pain. They transferred him to Adelaide hospital next day but he passed away.

D L Radin, where does one start to put the man into words?

We met on a train between Melbourne and Adelaide in August 1967 as we went towards a new and exciting career in the RAAF. He was a gregarious extrovert and I was a more reserved introvert, he loved a beer and I was a non-drinker at that time (and made an excellent ‘designated driver’).  He liked a punt and I was a non-gambler (until he taught me how). He was a world wise ex-butcher from Tassie and I was a naïve ex-plumber NSW boy from the bush. With backgrounds like that it was inevitable that we became friends and room mates during rookies in Edinburgh and Mech’s and Fitters in Wagga. We joined to be ‘framies’ but both decided there would be a little more excitement in Armament than in changing tyres and cleaning windscreens.  We also served together at Williamtown and Butterworth.

Darrell was a typical Aussie larrikin and rough diamond. He said what he thought and what you saw was what you got. He was no angel, as in getting into mischief. (We once ran a gambling den, ‘The White House’, just off the base at Wagga and a beer and prawn stag night when we were leaving Wagga but it was all in good fun but that’s another story).  He did not have a bad bone in his body and would do nobody ill. In all that time I never found him to be anything but upbeat and optimistic in his outlook. He also loved the lifestyle afforded to him and his family by the RAAF.  In fact, he told me in March this year that his one regret was in having to leave the RAAF.

Darrell was a devoted family man and was immensely proud of Dawn and his children Trudy and Kim. Darrell and Dawn had joined the ‘grey nomads’ and were off around Australia in the van and 4WD, with tinnie on top, when the discovery of cancer tragically cut short their odyssey in Cairns. In typical Darrell style he went straight to Adelaide to set Dawn up before the inevitable.

Darrell will be sadly missed by his family and fondly remembered by his many RAAF, and particularly Gunnie, friends.

Kind Regards
Jim Bindon

Darrell's death
was no surprise to all fellow Gunnies who visit this site, as we had been kept informed of his illness via our Forum Pages, and as shown by his many mates they all were following his illness with dismay and hope for a good outcome.
Below are the comments sent in prior to death:
(Posted by daughter Trudy Radin) On 08/18/04:
I'm writing in respect to my Dad who is currently in Townsville Hospital. He has been diagnosed with an inoperable lung cancer. He is undergoing chemo, however this will only serve to prolong his life - approx 12months. Dad and mum (Dawn) were touring around Australia when he found out. I am currently in Canberra, but am happy to pass on any messages from this site, or you can email me at my defence email address. Alternatively Darrell can be contacted on 0405567632. DVA and the RSL advocate in TVL have been very responsive in regard to medical costs and entitlements, one less thing he needs to worry about.
Followup Comments:
Added By Bill Riley On 08/19/04:
Trudy, I knew your father well whilst working at Butterworth and Williamtown. So sorry to hear of his illness and hope you pass on our regards. I spent some time in Townsville (my favourite City) Hospital and know they will take good care of him
Added By Rod Farquhar  On 08/19/04:
Trudy, I also worked with your dad at Williamtown and Butterworth, please pass on my regards.
Added By Trudy Radin  On 08/20/04:
Thanks Bill and Rod. I will pass on your regards. Hopefully Dad will be out of hospital today, before going back on Wed for more chemo treatment - as an outpatient.
Added By Garry Hora On 08/25/04:
Trudy although I have not seen your dad since 1970I remember your dad well! We were at Wagga/Williamtown and I have fond memories of a great period especially breaking in "Junior".
Please send my regards.
Added By Trevor Deathridge On 08/26/04:
Trudy, Sorry to hear about Dad. Worked with him of a few units- WLM, BWTH and I think AMBLY. I could be wrong- my memories cactus- but I know I enjoyed his company and friendship. Please pass on my regards & may the Sun God brighten up his days & the Rain God wash away all his worries.
Added By Dogs On 08/27/04:
Hi Trudy, Please pass on my best to your dad. I know he will never give up. Had a great time working, drinking and water-skiing with him and your family in Butterworth in the late 70's.
Peter (Dogs) Donaghy
Added By Percy Moles On 08/31/04:
Hi Trudy, Pass on my very best to your dad. Gunnies never give up. Butterworth was a great place to meet good friendly people. drinking, working, playing hard.
Added By Kevin (Sandy) Sanderson On 08/31/04:
Hi Trudy, While I was in Townsville I worked with Darrell. My wife, Margaret, and I socialised VERY regularly. You used to live a couple of doors from the Nelsons. Sadly, Denise Nelson passed away from breast cancer a couple of years ago. I still see Kerry Nelson on rare occasions.
I would appreciate it if you could pass on our very best wishes to your Dad and Mum.
Added By Jim (Cokejar) Cash On 09/08/04:
Hi Trudy, I had some great times and discussions with your Dad in Butterworth in the late 70's. Please pass on my regards to him and the rest of the family.
Added By Jim Bindon On 09/18/04:
Hi all. Have been talking to Darrell regularly after he called to visit about 12 months ago. He is bearing up really well considering and is taking things in his stride. He has started treatment in Townsville but intends travelling to Adelaide between treatments to be near Trudy and set Dawn up with housing "before I kark it" (His words, and those who know him will know that's how he is).
Added By Wayne Carter On 09/19/04:
Trudy, Sorry to hear about your dad, we were together at Williamtown and Butterworth on two tours, please give him my best regards.
Whisky Carter
Added By David Kampers On 10/20/04:
Hi Trudy Sorry to here that you dad is not well, I worked (or showed up for work) with your Dad in Perth, give him my regards and the Kampers family are thinking of you guys.
Dave Kampers
Added By George Barron On 10/27/04:
Hi Trudy. Sorry to her about Darrell. Please pass on my regards to him. Spent some time in Butterworth with your dad in the late 70's. Hope that he gets better.
George Barron
Added By Gerard Beech On 10/27/04:
Hi Trudy. Sorry to hear about Darrell. please send my regards as we were your neighbours when you were in Perth.Hope everything goes well with him.
All the best.

Added By Brett Petersen On 11/15/04:
Trudy, By the number of responses you have already just goes to show how well liked your father is. I myself have very fond memories of both Darrell, Mum and yourself from my days at 492 early 80's. Keep your chin up. Brett
Added By Trudy Radin  On 11/16/04:
A quick note to thank everyone for their kind thoughts. Dad has finished his treatment in Townsville and is doing very well. Mum and Dad are on their way down to Adelaide, where Dad will have a follow-up scan in January. Once they arrive, Dad will be able to use my internet access and I'm sure will be in touch with you all.
Heartfelt sorrow for Dawn, Trudy, family and friends of Darrell. I knew him from my 492 days as an LAC. One of the funniest sights I've ever seen was on a trip to Richmond where at around 6 AM after doing 23 hours of a 24 hour shift, we looked up from a download to see Sgt Radin sprinting across the tarmac towards a couple of very tired LAC's (myself and ?). We had got our tail numbers wrong and had just completed a download of an aircraft about to launch! Getting us young and foolish troops out of trouble both on and off the job was full time work for Darrell. Bloody top gunnie and top bloke.
Blu Romer

I knew Darrell when he was a young (and impressionable) Airman. He worked for me at Pearce and a better tradesman you would never find. He was a fun loving guy who lived his life to the fullest. He worked hard and played hard, much like the rest of the Gunnies. Rest well, Darrell, your pain is over.
John Curtis

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