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Daniel O'Heir

37 Armfitt


O’HEIR.- Daniel (ex RAAF, Sergeant A223845).



 Just thought I would let you know that my husband, Dan, lost his valiant fight with cancer 21 November 2008 aged 62 years.  He was on 37 Armfit course, discharged after 6 years and rejoined in 1977 as Clerk FA.  He retired from the RAAF in 1991 and joined the Public Trust as an auditor.  He was diagnosed with kidney cancer in January 2006, had his kidney removed and returned to work, but a year later secondary tumours were found in his brain.  He had those removed and was looking forward to going back to work and planning an overseas trip.  Unfortunately, more secondary cancers were discovered in other major organs and we had to cancel the trip, retiring to Rockhampton in 2007.  Dan accepted his illness in the usual stoical manner he approached any adversities in his life.  He never gave in and he never thought of himself.  He died at our home in his own bed where he was able to see, through the large window, his grand-children swimming in the pool.




Due to the generosity of blood donors, our family was able to have many more months of precious time with Dan, that we otherwise would not have had.  Please honour Dan by donating blood to help others.












Best regards







Margaret O’Heir







Margaret and Dan O'Heir







136 Murphy Drive







Glenlee  4711







Telephone:  07 4936 4816








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