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Daniel (Sago) McCann
No 7 RAAF Armament Apprentice Course
Daily Telegraph 10AUG2005

I never met anyone who could fill in a whole afternoon discoursing, after a few syrups, on the meritorious qualities of the Martin Baker ejection seat, whatever that item may be. I assumed from a long information session with Dan at one of our reunions that this thing is some part of an aircraft that only Armament Fitters are allowed to see or touch.

I may have read about them in my Biggles books!
Seriously, Dan was a generally happy bloke that I shared three years with at Forrest Hill and because I chose a different trade group, I never saw him again except at Squadron reunions.
This is not much for your site but one thinks that just to be remembered by your peers from time to time, with respect, isn't a bad thing.

Regards Peter Henson.

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