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Colin McBean Walker
died at Fern Bay NSW
27 DEC 1994
No 6 RAAF Armament Apprentice Course


Col Walker,
a legend born in Carters Towers QLD, who found passing exams a breeze, while others found study a chore, Col never studied at all and always topped his classes.  His love of Bundy (the OP variety) led to him being called OP.
There were many stories of his forays into the Civvy world to which he was unsuited (he rarely ventured beyond the guard gate).  Once I heard that he caused alarm and the Penang Ferry to stop and search for him when he dived over in the dark "just for a swim" au-naturale.
Col retired to Fern Bay Caravan Park, just a few kilometers away from the Williamtown RAAF Base.  Bought himself a transportable home, and a 4 wheel bike with fishing rod holders and a place for the esky.  He had found his heaven.
I liked Col very much.

Bill Riley

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