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Col McQueen
No 8 Arm

Judy and Colin's Wedding - 19 April 1960


Colin's birthday celebration with his grandchildren. Shane McQueen and Tamara McQueen

Taken November 1998


Col McQueen

With some sadness I advise that Col Mc QUEEN (A 39880) a 9th Intake Apprentice ( 8 Arrm) died suddenly at the Fremantle Hospital at 2245 on the 29th February 2008 less than 24 hours after admittance. He leaves behind his wife Judy, his son Campbell and two grandchildren, he will be sorely missed by all of his family. He also leave a big gap in the lives of his neighbours Rosie and Derek and their three children who adopted him as an honorary Grandfather.

Judy unfortunately is a resident of the Westralia Gardens nursing home in Rockingham, just a short distance from Col's home, this enabled him to be with her and give Judy the support needed almost every day. Col had not been in good health for many years, yet he never complained about his health problems and willing took on the responsibility of looking after Judy when her health and eyesight deteriorated until the support she needed was greater than he could provide at home. In his words "It was the hardest decision I have had to make in my life to put Judy in a nursing home."

Col had just recently attended a reunion of the Do-Nut Apprentice intake (1955-57) at Queenscliff in Victoria, on the return trip to Rockingham WA, to complete his research into the family tree, he made several detours to catch-up with family members in Victoria, Mount Gambier and then on to Adelaide were he stopped with Jan and myself for four days. He used this time to meet with family members whom he had never met, but had corresponded with for many years whilst he was compiling the family tree records. He went home with the intention of completing the family tree and publishing it by the middle of this year It was during this time with us he told us that he had an inoperable liver cancer for some time, when he asked his doctor how much longer he had, he was told ten years, so he said that will do me and got on with his life. He also agreed to enter into an experimental treatment program that caused some unpleasant side effects, however he had got past that, was on his way up the health ladder again and looking forward to being able enjoy doing the activities again that he had to put on hold for a couple of years.
Farewell old friend

David & Jan Woodhouse

I am Rod Brett ex apprentice "Dewdrop",3arm (A33736). I didn't know Col,he was 3 years after I left Wagga, but my prayers for his family will always be there, as the bonding that ex-apprentices have is the strength that I draw. God Bless his family and those who were his mates.

Rod Brett.

I knew Col really well whilst at Kingswood 63 to 69. At that stage he worked in the drafting office as he had a permament restriction on neck movement. Apparently this disability was caused when winching up a bomb in a Lincoln in a restricted position. Whilst awaiting assessments to be medically discharged he commenced an architectural drafting course at Sydney Tech College at night. I was in the new sidewinder repair facility building next door to the machine shop. Because it was a new facility I was asked to help draw up plans for the facility as well as later on producing diagrams and circuitry for the sidewinder repair manuals and worked a lot with Col. I subsequently started the same achitectural drafting course and after discharge moved on to become an architect. We again met up (I believe) in 1993 at the closing down of the apprenticeship scheme at Wagga and swapped stories on what had happened since Kingswood. At the time he was running a highly successful drafting practice in the west. He always stuck me as the quiet uncomplaining type and a real gentleman. My sincere condolences to his family.

Kevin Stapleton, No. 7 Armament Apprentices, 54 - 56

Although I never met Col for several years we have emailed each other about reunions in Perth Col always had the intentions of attending but due to bad health never quite made it which was our loss. My condolences to his family,may he rest in Peace. Another one gone but not forgotten.

Jock Lawrie

There is no easy way to release this sad news, especially to so many of whom I never have known or met. Please take this sad news with my apology for advising by email as I have no other avenue to advise you all personally. Colin McQueen after a long battle passed away on 29/02/08 in hospital, should you wish to attend the funeral please reply to: by Saturday 8/3/08 and I will advise you of the arrangements. Please remember my Father for who he was and all that he stood for, he has gone to be pain free and suffer no more. Yours Sincerely

Cam McQueen

A great friend - a great fellow "Doughnut" (No. 9 Apprentice Intake) an even better mate. Do you think he is still be cutting hair on a Monday night, or perhaps doing his nightly stroll up to the "pearly" gates? Much could be written about Col but no-one can put into words the memories we all have of him.

Someone once said,

"Flatter me, and I may not believe you.
Criticize me, and I may not like you.
Ignore me, and I may not forgive you.
Be a true mate to me, and I will never forget you."

Lest we forget our mate and fellow "Doughnut",- Col,


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