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Bill (Plugger) Lucas
died 5 Dec 2002
No 13 RAAF Armament Fitter Course


I rang Plugger to see how he was going, but he was in hospital with liver cancer. However, according to Norma (Bill's wife) "he is doing ok" but has lost a lot of weight "down to 60 kilos". While talking she said that he has had lung cancer (cured) and brain tumours (removed by surgery) now the liver. It doesn't look too bright but they both seem to be optimistic about the outcome.
He has lived in Deniliquin for the past ten years.
Bill Riley

"Plugger" passed away yesterday 5 Dec 2002 at his home.
Funeral to be held at 2.PM "Glen Leigh" Chapel Deniliquin
Condolences may be sent to his wife "Norma" at
Augustus St Deniliquin 2710
Bill Riley

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