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RAAF Squadron Leader William Robert Edwardes " Bill " Hayward

Funeral Notice:
The Funeral Service for Mr. William (Bill) Robert Hayward late of Falcon and High Wycombe will assemble at the main entrance of FREMANTLE Cemetery on THURSDAY (26.07.2007) for a Cremation Service at 10am

Bill Hayward was killed in a traffic accident at Carousel shopping center, Perth WA.


Today I went to Bill’s funeral at Fremantle cemetery. It was a nice Sunny morning which was a change from the atrocious weather we have been having in Perth over the last week which was an indication that the man up there must have known we were saying goodbye to a special person. The celebrant gave us a glimpse of Bill's life over the years, and the love he had for his wife of 60 plus years, and their family.
Denny Hains then gave the eulogy.
The following gunnies were in attendance Denny Hains, Trevor McIntosh, Paul falconer-West, Glenn Lloyd, Merv McKay yours Truly and Con Maxwell who had delayed his return to the Eastern States so as to attend. Paul Bakker, Brett West, Ray Fairhall and Mick Read were unable to attend but sent along their condolences.

RIP Bill



Bill was my boss at East Sale for a-while in the early sixties, he was always one of the boys and any excuse for a couple of beers was good enough.
One particular event always comes to mind. The RAAF had had a problem with the 12Lb HE rocket heads not arming when fired so a Sabre was despatched from ARDU to fire one into the ground at Dutson range, the impact was plotted and then we had the job of digging it out. If you have ever been on the ground at Dutson you would know that the soil is thick black clay, after a solid days work with picks and shovels we were barely down to our knees. Next day we were about to recommence digging when Bill arrived with a back hoe and operator, he had hired it in Sale on the way through, needless to say the unexploded head was soon brought to light. We never asked if he actually had permission to involve the “civvy” or not ,probably not,
but that was Bill.

R.I.P Bill
Rod Farquhar


Bill Hayward where do you start he was just an all round Mr. nice guy and one of the best bosses I had the pleasure working for, who had the ability to converse with anyone regardless of their standing. He saw everything as Black or white and no problem was to hard to solve. He will be sadly missed by all that knew him, another of the good guys taken from us, your smiling face will be missed at the Gunnie Reunions, Bill.

Rest in Peace
Jock Lawrie


I agree that Bill Hayward was a great boss, whom I had at Williamtown 1968-71. He was hell bent on building a gyro-copter when I left maintenance to OCU and to my knowledge was still working on, when I left on posting to Townsville. I gave him the odd hand with rigging the main rotor which he was struggling to maneuver himself. This was more by chance than arrangement.

Because of the requirement of services output of a very undermanned ejection seat section, which was under my charge at the time of the Sabres (every seat had to be striped back to bare metal and refurbished) being overhauled for the Malaysians besides Mirage, Macchi and Vampire, it was necessary for some weekend attendance by me and there would be Bill struggling away.

He was also very considerate to my needs for extra leave when I had very sick wife and two of my children to nurse back to health. He also gave me some encouragement for advance- ment of my career which came from very few others. He was also a great supporter of the Gunnies Wine and Prawn Nights, god bless him.

People say that flying gyro-copters is dangerous but I'm sure Bill would argue that it's not as dangerous as driving round-abouts (Carousels,sic).

You will be remembered Bill. RIP. Ken Kane.


I met Bill Hayward in 1974 when he was posted to be 481SQN OIC ARM. At that stage I was a new starter in the Gunnie game, and for the previous year had been mentored by SQNLDR Roger Killeen and FLTLT Hans Steinbach.

Well, SQNLDR Hayward was a different guy! Yes, he was cavalier, yes he (and Gunner Walton) wrote his/their own rules (which he/they would not get away with these days), and was the consummate scrounger - but he was a great people person and a quite remarkable technical innovator and improviser. Lest I suggest that he was less than a good staff officer, let me say that he was also a very sharp written communicator and a critical reviewer of junior officers' work.

No doubt the regular visits to Morna Point to clear the vast accumulations of UXOs were highlights - was it Dave Lamb and/or Rod McClelland (or someone else) who used the ARD-powered beer-can cannon to try and topple motorcyclists on the beach? - I have a photo of one of those days with Bill and the boys in high spirits at the post-clean up 'relaxation' in the sand dunes; I treasure it.


Bill Hayward (Left in Boots)

I worked for Bill until he decided to retire to WA - it was only 12 months or so, but he left an indelible mark.

Since that time we (including Norma and Pauline) have maintained contact via email and Christmas cards, and had them visit us a couple of times when they did their royal tours through the East. We called in on the Haywards at High Wycombe in October last year and were pleased to find both just the same folks we had known back in the 70s.

He is with his pals.
Cheers Bill
Peter Rentell


My condolences to Bills family and friends. I was speaking with Bill at Tweed Heads and then Melbourne Reunions it seems only yesterday.  

Rod Smith

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