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Andrew (Charles) Whittles

No 12 RAAF ArmMechFitters Course

I've just learned that there was a death notice in Saturday's NT News (17 November) for Andrew Charles Whittles.
There was only one Andy Whittles in Darwin and I fear that we have lost another Gunnie.
I have no other news or funeral details other than the notice but will keep you informed.
If indeed it is the Andy we know then my wife and I (and all those Gunnies who met him) have lost a true friend going back to 1979 when we were at 1CAMD and he came off course.
Andy was a friend, baby sitter to our daughters, house and dog sitter when we were away in Malaysia or Thailand and a great character.
He was an ex British policeman who probably forgot more than we'll ever know about counter terrorism and dealing with the tricks of the trade, though he confided this to very few people. 
Andy was generous, had the driest sense of humour I've run across and was a whiz at doing the most difficult cryptic crosswords. He was a stalwart of the local Darwin Rugby Union organisation and continued playing until well into his forties - he took no prisoners.
He married an English lass, Carol, in around 1986 but unfortunately it didn't last. When I last saw him in late March this year, just prior to our move to Thailand, he told me he'd taken up with another lady "Pat Hogan". Our thoughts are with her

Vale Andy
Bob Alford
Lampang Thailand

I didn't know Andrew and that's probably because according to your notice he did his fitter/mechanics in 1979 which was 2years after I discharged.


RIP another of our brother armours
Ken Kane
Andy was the true gentleman.
I had the pleasure of being a fellow member on both his recruit  and armament training courses.

His sharp wit and good nature were always something that could be counted on.

Rest in Peace Andy
Chris Thompson


My sincere condolences to Pat and family for the loss of Andy a true friend  . Like Bob I met Andy at 1CAMD around 1979, we worked together at EODF and were both posted to Darwin in 1980.

Andy was a regular visitor and baby sitter to our two girls, he always bought a flower to my wife Anna. He and I again met up in Darwin in 1986 were he worked for me as a civilian on the Leayna Swamp project.

It is with great regret that we will be unable to attend the celebration of his life, our thoughts and prayers will be with you.

Vale Andrew
Anna & Con Maxwell


Yes, I remember Andy from his days as one of the civilian workers at Leanyer, Darwin. It would have been around the late 80's, I can recall Bob Alford & Caugs working there as well. He would have a beer or two at the Airmans club on the base, & it was a pleasure knowing him.

Rest in peace Andy. 

Macka the Gunnie
A brief message from Bob Alford's daughter on Andy Whittles' memorial service last Friday 23rd.

Andy's funeral was huge. I didn't get to go inside because it was packed.
Couldn't say if there was anyone from the RAAF. There was alot of speakers and the Rugby boys did the haka for him.

Kind Regards,
Sas Clark

Message from Pat Hogan 7th April 2008.

Andrew Whittles suddenly but peacefully passed away on Thursday 15th November 2007 at Royal Darwin Hospital. The dearly loved partner of Pat Hogan. Andrew will be fondly remembered and sadly missed by all his friends and family. Even though I have not meet the people that have sent me kind words I thank you. My Andrew " Undy" has told me many a story of himself and friends in the RAAF plus the time he spent cleaning up the Leanyer area. Andrew will stay beside me every day. You will be sadly missed. A pure gentleman Pat x
Pat Hogan



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