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Warrant Officer Allan Gibbs
died 4th April 2006

Allan Gibbs passed away last night (Tuesday 4th Apr 2006) after many years fighting cancer. Funeral details are below:

The Funeral Service will be held at 11:00 am Tuesday 11th April, at the  Christian Life Centre, The Northern Road, PENRITH ( near M4 intersection ).
Followed by 12:30 Service at Pinegrove Lawn Cemetery, Chapel, Great  Western HWY, Minchinbury.
Norm Andrews

One of Armaments true gentlemen and a sad loss to us all.
Rod Farqhar

To me Allen (Chiefy) was always a friend, a mentor, and then a boss at (F) OCU late 1960's.
Graham Pickering

Allan was the gentleman armourer and godfather to a lot of us younger ones during the early 60's at Williamtown. He will be saddly missed by all
Greg Gannon

Alan Gibbs. One of natures gentlemen. A friend of over 50 years. He will be sadly missed by me and dozens of others.
Denny Hains

Alan was always a gentleman and it was a privilege knowing him. He always had the troop's welfare at heart and I have never heard a harsh word spoken about him. Farewell to a true friend.
Ken Edwards

I will always remember Allan as one of natures gentlemen and his passing. Will be a great loss to older gunnies Gordon Hampson

Allen was a fantastic friend and gentleman. I will never forget my time working under him at 2OCU in the sixties. The welfare of his troops was always to the fore.
Graeme Monkhouse

A true Gentleman and a Gunnie that was an inspiration to everyone. The early days in OCU taught us up and coming new guns what a real boss was in character and fair play. He saved me from the likes of Pickering, Scott, Sanderson, etc etc. Thanks Allan for great start in life as an Armourer.
Rod Smith

One of the first bosses I had and what a wonderful and great man. Of all of my gunnie friends Allan is always remembered when I think of my time at Billsville and 2 (F) OCU.
Mal Pryor.

 I went to 2OCU at Williamtown in Jan 1967 where the armourers were fathered by WOFF Allan Gibbs.
Almost all who came in contact with him remember him as the Gentleman of Warrant Officer Armourers, which is a most apt description of the man that he always was. We Gunnies who worked with Allan have all benefitted from his quiet and controlled disipline. Nobody could tell you that you had got it so wrong, so badly, but still lead you onto the path that corrected everything and send you on your way with a sore butt, yet knowing that all was right in your world.
For the short six months that I was in 2 OCU, I possibly was given the best guidance I recieved during my 35 years as a Gunnie, thanks to Allan Gibbs.
Like all who worked with Allan, I will miss him terribly.
Dave Scott.

It's hard to put into words just how well-liked and admired was Allan Gibbs, my first W/O as a Fitter at OCU ('59) in the little Section on the side of the hangar.
One of the memories was of how Allan was forever trying to prevent SOME of the guys from knocking off the bags of brass.
We all had a great time there and I'm truly sorry to hear of his passing. I am also sorry that "Ring-picker" and I were named as endeavouring to lead Rod Smith ("The Skull") astray.
Best of wishes to all out there in Gunnie land.
Sandy Sanderson

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