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Mrs Karen McNamara MP, Norm Andrews & Neil Ratcliff 


We launched our first two books, Gunnies Roll Call and Tales and Stories of Armourers and Armament from WWII on Saturday 26 July at The Entrance Long Jetty RSL Sub Branch. Some 25 Gunnies with partners enjoyed this import launch of Gunnie History. Mrs Karen MacNamara our local MP officiated at the presentation representing the Government and DVA.

Our recent request for support and successful grant under Saluting Their Service Commemorations Programme has made this possible. The project as you know is ongoing and our guys are continually collecting primary resources and researching information from private collections and the public domain, including the Office of Air Force History, RAAF Museum, Australian War Memorial and Defence Establishment Orchard Hills.  We believe that these books and those to follow will become a valuable addition to the history of the Royal Australian Air Force.

The books are selling for $20 each.

A great effort by the History Project Team and in particular Norm & Neil on the first two books, Jason is finalising the EBooks. 

Distribution will be organised hopefully by grouping areas around Australia, with 10 or more copies being couried to a representative in WA, SA and Vic which will save transport costs. I have contacted Jock, Russ and Graeme to help out as contacts.  Norm has indicated he will drop off some to Amberley. We have produced 100 copies of each book. 

Please contact Michael Cutler or Neil Ratcliff as I will be of line for a few weeks, re any questions.

Great Job Guys



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