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Australian Armourers’ Association

            Application / Form


Members Personal Particulars



 Full Name:                                                     Known As:


 Spouse/Partner Name:                    Known As


Residential Address:             Street                           Town                           State

Postal Address:                      Street                           Town                           State

Phone: Home ( )                   Work ( )                      Mob ( )

  E-mail:                        @

Service Particulars


Currently serving:  Yes/No

Service Number                     Mustering/Trade

Date of Enlistment:               Enlistment Centre:  Date of Discharge:    (if applicable)

Rank at Discharge:  Total Service: Years                Months


Service Summary (Postings, promotions etc.)



General Particulars: (eg present occupation, interests etc.)



AAA Membership Annual Subscription

($10 per year) subscription with application


Payment Method

Direct Bank Transfer to:

Australian Armourer's Association Bank Account, using Internet Banking, or from your own Bank, using these details:

Australian Defence Credit Union

Account No: 100 011 481

BSB 642 170

Please e-mail me at when you make a deposit so I can identify the deposit and return your receipt number. Also put your name in the details area when making the bank transfer.

Completed Form to be sent via email to the Treasurer for confirmation of payment and it will then be sent to the Secretary.



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