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Update to the Piano story Submitted by Dave Jobson

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Update to the Piano story - submitted by Dave Jobson
I was just reading through the Piano story and maybe able to add a little to it as I was at 77SQN at the time and toured both the NZ exercise WILLOH and the return exercise at Tindal.
I don't recall exactly what occurred at the NZ end, all i know is there was a challenge between the Kiwi and Aussie aircrew however it is very clear still what conspired at Tindal. The piano was taken to Delamere range and neither side could destroy the target (piano) with their HE bombs. Pity they did not have JDAM back then. The aircrew decided to ceremoniously burn the piano and then use the ashes as a perpetual trophy. The gunnies got wind of the piano's location so we loaded it in the middle of the night and destroyed it with sledge hammers. We then gathered all the piano keys and returned to the accommodation area where we then hung the keys on the CO's door and other aircrew members. We did keep some for ourselves. it was all very funny the next day and the expression on the aircrew's faces was priceless. We ruined their ceremonial burning.
One for the gunnies.  

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