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It all started back in ’92, whilst in Townsville on exercise with 2 Sqn (RNZAF), us Kiwi gunnies met up with 77 gunnies and hit the piss – as we do. It was a memorable trip in more ways than one, what with a 77 gunnie taking out his F/SGT, the Kiwis getting banned from the boozer and so on all in the name of fun. The 77 gunnies, while hitting the local bars, came across a truly impressive score in the way of a 5’ inflatable "POWER’S" can. The D was made to acquire it in the stealthiest way possible, well as stealthy as you can be when your all shit faced! After trying to deflate the can in all ways possible including crash tackles, burning holes in it with cigarettes, sitting on it all to no avail. Then some smart bastard found the plug, unplugged it and hey look at that it’s going down…..

The can was shown off with pride back in the accommodation block over a few beers, and us kiwis decided it was a truly worthy score and we couldn’t let it go home to the 77 gunnie section, after all it would look so much better in our section. So the can was left unattended in a room while we all were sinking suds out on the balcony and two of us managed to get in the room and unplugged the can and while it was deflating we contemplated how we could remove it without being caught, but before we could do anything we were snapped by a 77 gunnie going to grab more beers. We managed to bluff our way out of the situation, although there was suspicion as from that point on the can was to be guarded night and day until it had safely left Townsville for it’s new home at Williamtown.

A few months had past and 2 Sqn was on exercise once again up in Williamtown, this was a regular place for us to deploy with increasing frequency. The timing of the exercise couldn’t have been better as there was a visiting Seppo F-16 Sqn that was due to leave mid way through our exercise, why this was good will become clear further on.

We had once again hit the piss with the gunnies around base including 77, and a recce to the 77 gunnie section saw the can taking a place of pride in there section smoko room. Upon seeing the can again it was apparent that it would be ours, oh yes, it will be ours. We were on night shift and working out of 2 OCU, our shift had finished so it was a short cut across the tarmac, past 77, to get to our accommodation. On the way we thought, let’s stop in and see if the 77 gunnies are in and hello what do we find but absolutely no one in the section and the can was just sitting there beckoning to us "take me…" The can was now ours! It was stashed in our accommodation block and nothing was said and believe it or not the can was not noticed missing at all until a week later when the Seppos had packed up and left.

We stopped in to see the 77 gunnies and they were all cursing "those fucking seppos have got our can!!!!", we gave the old poker face complete with "fucking cunts, can’t trust anyone!" It was like taking candy from a baby, complete with the tears afterwards…hehehehe J

Since then the can has been around the place and it now resides in the land of the long white cloud. Those who remain in Williamtown, who remember the can, always enquire about it when they are here on WILLOH. Just so you know all is fair in love and war, so should you ever come across the can and acquire it without being caught then you truly deserve to have it…the challenge is there, the saga will undoubtedly continue.




The prized Power's beer can along with other "memorabilia"

Story and pictures from the "Kiwi Connection"

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