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Kiwi Version of the Panio

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A bit of information about the piano in question.

The story started at RNZAF Ohakea during a WILLOH exercise where the piano out of the Officers Mess was ceremoniously dispatched over the side of the local Main Highway bridge much to the discust of the then base commander.

It was decided that a reciprocal piano destroying event should be held at Tindal on the following visit by the Kiwi's.

All that has been written is no doubt true, but possibly a little light on detail.

The RAAFy F/S was to deliver the piano to Delamere range but took a wrong turn on the way there and arrived many hours later. The piano was suitably installed on the range as the primary H.E target (complete with rubbish tin lid radar reflector) where it resided unscathed for a few days.

On return to base the piano was finally destroyed by burning and the ashes placed in a shell casing donated by the GLO of the squadron at that time to be used as an intersquadron trophy for the best "social act" during a WILLOH exercise.

Nil bastidium Carbonundrum!

This version was sent to me from Evan Wright in N.Z.
I suspect he may have been involved in the N.Z. part, but it seems the Tindal part is very different.

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