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Once upon a mirage there was a CPL and Three troops (one a very senior troop) who decided to do the tourist thing while on deployment. Off on tour they went, the accommodation selected was grand to say the least, known in the modern age as a backpackers hostel. The said grand accommodation provided lodging, fare and merriment ( read: dorm, sausage sizzle and European women with big norks and hairy arm pits). As the night progressed the younger member felt sleepy and retired early, or in the view of the older ones, ate carpet and did push ups until dawn ( slinky knickers on the pillow AM hours to prove). Meanwhile, the mature ones quaffed all manner of beverage, including their own beers, everyone else's beers and the odd casks of wine carelessly left unattended.

During an intense intellectual debate it was decide that a visit to the local constabulary was in order, to beg leave of their bill board (or in sober speak steal the coppers "POLICE" sign, blue light and all). All went to plan. Adequate diversions were in place to occupy plod, and the sign was easily removed.

At some point, about six feet from the post, the sign ( now under the arm of one of the LACs) refused to be waylaid. Under the pleasant influence of extraordinarily large quantities of alcohol the parties concerned had failed to consider the twin core 240V cable attached to the still glowing blue light.

The two LACs determined that time was better spent seeking out additional beverages BUT the CPL was not beaten. Back to the lodgings and with a knife he returned. The knife edge as dull as any blunt stick. Not dissuaded, he slashed continually at the titanic twin core, all the while commenting on how charged he felt. Finally victory, the sign liberated, the lightning flashes no more, and back to the accommodation grand.

This tale has chapters to add over several years and the sign is still in gunny ownership, but really you did need to be there.

All concerned are still serving. The CPL is now a SQNLDR, the senior troop a FLTLT, one troop a FSGT and the other a SGT.

For the prize of a beer or four who where the culprits?

For a full slab what happened next?

(Competition is opened to all Australian citizens, and residents of South Australia, excepting employees of RAAF, and their families, directly involved).

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Any attempt to use this or any other stories to invoke disciplinary or legal action, will be met with blank facial expressions, denial of any involvement, and the names of lots of people who are no longer in the RAAF.

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