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Gunnie and Airforce Commonly Used Jargon
A to B


Term Description
30mm Ammo Belt Hammer Sole of flight line boot
AAFCANS-Army  Air Force Canteen Association, graduate from ASCO
AC Aircraftsman, Erk
ACR Aircraftsman Recruit
ADG Airfield Defence Guard, ADGY (Trained killers)
AEO Air Eating Officer
Aircraft Kite, Bird, Bee One Are Dee
Airframe Fitter Framie , 2a, Paper Hanger from days of cloth & fabric A/C.
AIU Articles in Use
Anchor Malaysian beer cure all for the "runs"
Angry Palm Tree Chinook Helicopter
Ant Air Training Corps, Argentine Ant
Appy Airforce Apprentice
Amberfield RAAF Base Amberley
Armament Fitter Armourer, Gunnie, Cracker Stacker, Gun Plumber, Bombologist, Gun Monger, Catapult Mechanic, Bomb Head
ASAP As soon as possible if not sooner
ASCO Australian Services Canteens Organisation
AWOL Away without leave (ack willy)
Bagging Criticizing
Baht Thai Currency
Baitlayer Cook
BAR Browning Automatic Rifle or something you prop yourself up with, Also an erection 1/2 BAR = not quite an erection
Beethoven Exploder Device with crank handle
Beetle Crusher Service Boot
Black Hander Engine or Airframes trade
Black Snake Refueling Hose (ask a Rad Tech - they were a tad frightened of them)
Blow-In New Arrival
Blues Winter Uniform
Bod Airmen
Boffin Civvy Engineer
Boggy Junior Pilot
Boozer Airmen's Club, Piss Shack
Brass Senior Officer
Brat RAAF Apprentice
Brown Bagger Married Personnel, (Bagger) derogatory term used by Singlies
BSA Bull Shit Artist
Buccaneers Ear Muffs
Bus Driver  Hercules Pilot, Bomber Pilot
Butterflicker Apprentice
Bloggs Generic Airman
Bush Lawyer Knows all or nothing



Gunnie and Airforce Commonly Used Jargon
C to F

Term Description
C4 Plastic Explosive
Carry On An order to resume work or duties.
Catac Useless piece of equipment (Mirage weapons loading trolley)
C-Cap Forage Cap (obsolete)
CE Composition Explosive
C-Hair Small measurement similar to a poofteenth
Church Key Bottle Opener
Civvies Civilian Dress
Clanger Big Mistake
Clarktor Tow Motor for aircraft/bomb trolley towing
Clarktor Arse Troop who didn't get off one
Clerk Admin Pen Pusher
CPL Corporal
Cunning Kick Hip Pocket, Wallet Compartment hidden from wife
Daggy Scruffy, Unfashionable
Daks Pants, Trousers
DCM Good Conduct Medal or "Don't Come Monday"
Deutz Flight Line generator set
Dipping Paint Used for Ammo Tipping and not for   painting one's kitchen
Drabs Summer Uniform
Dud  Unexploded Ammunition, Failure of any sort
Duff gen Wrong Information
Duffle Bag Unwieldy oblong bag for stowing personal kit (Kit Bag)
ECM Pod Electronic Counter Measure, Chaff Pod
EE77 Aircraft Servicing Log (Sunset Strip)
Electrical Fitter Sparkie, Wire Puller
Elephant Tracker Service Police, SP's, Spits
Engine Fitter Sumpy, 2e
EOD Explosives Ordnance Demolition
Equipment Mustering Box Packer, Grocer
Erk New to the job, Airman (Lowly fellow)
Explosives Store Keeper Cracker  Stacker
FID Fuse Instantaneous Detonation, Det Cord
Fighter Pilot Blue Eyed Killer
Fingers C..t Scratchers
Fitter and Turner Cook
Fizzer Charge, reprimand or Dud
FSGT Flight Sergeant
Furphy See Duff Gen, Rumour



Gunnie and Airforce Commonly Used Jargon
G to N

Term Description
Galloping Horses Warrant Officers Insignia
Gash Free for the taking
Gash Tin Where all the leftover bits from a servicing are placed
Gen Set Flight-Line Generator
GH General Hand
Go Fast Hat with peak (flight-line). Jockey style
Gong Medal
Gotcha SP
Gremlins Faults in the system
Gull An Armourer who squawks when he feels badly done by, Would also complain if he had diamonds stuck up his arse
Gunner Gunna do this and Gunna do that (Promise Promises)
Hats Fur Felt Slouch Hat
HE High Explosive
HEECS High Explosive Control Sever (Canberra A/C)
Horn Paste Vegemite
Housewife Sewing Kit supplied to all on enlistment
Huey UH-series helicopters
Hut Slut An Airman on weekly clean-up duties at his living quarterss
IED Improvised Explosive Device
Instrument Fitter Clock Winder, Spring Bender
Jammer MJ1 Bomb Lift Vehicle-
Jammer Arse Troop who didn't get off one
Jelly Gelignite
Kit Inspection Formal Inspection where all items of personal service kit are inspected, sometimes borrowed for the occasion
Knockometer Hammer (preferably BIG)
LAC Leading Aircraftsman
Lead Arse Lazy bugger
Loadie Loadmaster
Mai Pen Lai No Sweat, Not a worry (Thai)
Mech Mechanic (completed mechs course)
Menzies Blue Boys CAF/Weekend Warriors
NAAFI cheap place to buy anchor beer
Nasho National Serviceman
NCO Non Commissioned Officer (CPL to FSGT)
Nit Noy Small (Thai)
Nong Idiot, Foolish Airman



Gunnie and Airforce Commonly Used Jargon
O to S

Term Description
OJT On the job training
On the Mat (with hat) in the shit
ORP Operational Readiness Platform
Ovaries Overalls
Panic Night Monday Night prior to Tuesdays Room Inspection
Pansy Drabs Tailor Made Summer Uniform
Pay Day Eagle Shit
PE Plastic Explosive
Pig-Pen Officers Mess
Piss-Head Drunkard
PO Pilot Officer (Shit of the kings)
Poofteenth A tiny fraction (maybe a thousandth or even less)
Pouyang Thai Sheila
Queer Trades Other Tech Musterings (Other than Armament
Radio Technician Rad Tech, Black Box Changer, Knob Twiddler
Range Party Piss-Up out on the Bombing Range ;-)
RSO Range Safety Officer, usually a Boggy or a pilot who screwed up the day before.
Rat Catcher Environmental Health, Hygiene Inspector
Rat Shit Faulty, No all that Good
Remuster Change  Trade
Richard Cranium Dick Head
Rings Rank designation on Officer's cuffs
Roach coach AAFCANS food van
RTO Railway Transport Officer
Runner Practice Sidewinder, Orderly Room Messenger
Sandbag Loadmaster (Choppers)
SAR Search and Rescue
SAV Stores Adjustment Voucher (handy for sorting out non existing equiment)
Scuttlebutt Rumour, Furphy
SGT Sergeant
Shakes Minor DTs, Ducks and Drakes
Shellback Old Hand at the game
Shirker Lazy bugger
Shonky Crooked, Not quite cricket
Skerrick Small fragment, particle
Slack Arse An Armourer not performing very well
Snake Sergeant
Snake Pit Sergeants Mess
Snake Pit Sergeant's Mess
Sortie One aircraft take off and landing
Spanner Universal Adjustable Wrench
White Teflon based lubricant in a sorta toothpaste tube -ask anyone that's been to Nui Dat re-arm
Sprog Apprentice
Stand Down End of work for the day

An Airman trying to impress his peers, Suck Hole








Gunnie and Airforce Commonly Used Jargon
T to Z

Term Description
Tear off a Strip Reprimand, Unwelcome approach by NCO to Airman's slight under performance
Tee up  Make ready, Organise
Thick Adult Trainee
Tiger Malay Beer (Minum Rimau) or OCU Emblem
Tight Arse Miser, Wouldn't shout if a snake bit him.
Tipped Ammo Ammunition Painted to leave a coloured mark when passing through a target (Black, Blue, Green, Magenta and Red as spare)
Tommy-Gun Thompson Sub Machine Gun .45cal
Tooth Fairy Gives out (hooks/rank)chevrons to those who missed out @ promotion time . Not always well thought of.
Tractor Arse Always gets the easy job of driving the section vehicle or the clarktor
Treadly Bicycle, Push Bike, Peddly
US Unserviceable
UXB Un Exploded Bomb
VA Item Valuable and Attractive, Highly Sort After
Variable Metric Adjustable spanner
VT Variable Time Delay Fuse
Wailing Wall For Airmen who missed promotion
WAP Wet As Piss (Sometimes given as Weekly Award to Airman) 
Wharf Rat Member of the WRAAF, Wharfie
Willy RAAF Base Williamtown, Billsville
WO Warrant Officer, King of the shit
Wobbly Boot Staggering, Drunk, Shitface, Full
WOD Warrant Officer Disciplinary
WOE Warrant Officer Engineer (God)
WOFF Warrant Officer (current acronym)
WVS Womens Volunteer Service
Zulu Greenwich Mean Time




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