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Xmas Cards


Gunnie Xmas Cards 2007

Merry Xmas from Kuwait 2007
(Scott "Balls" Sumner)

Merry Xmas from DEOTS 2007
(Pete Chalmers)
"Defence EO School, Orchard Hills"
Merry Xmas from Townsville 2007
(Garry "Dog" Bowman)

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Merry Xmas from Bruce Tuff 
"I Wish!" my present?


Merry Xmas from Edinburgh Test Flight 
Test Flight
Alan Dear, Daniel Lear, Chris Jewitt, Daniel Cooke, Mark Tuley, Phil Abrahams 
Merry Xmas from ACT 2007
(Jack Withers)

Xmas ACT
Terry Stamp - Jack Withers
Merry Xmas from Airflite Williamtown
Bunya, D Kerr (Airflite Buisness Manager, Turtle, Beechy, Nixon, Sparra,
John Wydro, Gary Bartlem

Merry Xmas from Baldivis Explosive Reserve
BER 2007
Richard Carter and Jim Cash 

Merry Xmas from Gunnies Site
The Site
76 Sqn Darwin photo screen saver

Merry Xmas from The Clarksons 
Merry Christmas and God’s blessings to you all.
John and Margaret.
Merry Xmas to ALL
Bob Bartlett - 2007
Bob da Elf
Making an Elf of himself for us!
Merry Xmas to ALL
The Falkners- 2007
Nicki and Baz
Two F.. elves
ELPING us All :-)

Gunnie Xmas Cards 2006

Merry Xmas from Kuwait 2006
(Scott "Balls" Sumner)

 Merry Xmas from Edinburgh Test Flight 
Test Flight


Xmas Cards 2005

Merry Xmas from Kuwait 2005
(Scott "Balls" Sumner)




Xmas Cards 2004
Merry Xmas from Kuwait 2004
(Scott "Balls" Sumner)

  Xmas Cards 2003     
Merry Xmas from Kuwait 2003
(Scott "Balls" Sumner)
Merry Xmas from Sale 2003
Josh Jones)


Xmas Cards 2002

Merry Xmas from Kuwait 2002
(Scott "Balls" Sumner)




3 Sqn Xmas Card 2002

77 Sqn Xmas Card 2002

Airflite Williamtown Xmas Card 2002

Boeing Gunnie Xmas Card 2002

6 Sqn Xmas 2002

Xmas from ARDU 2002

Arm Sect
Xmas Greetings Cards 1970's
(Nev Rourke)
(names on cards now readable - re-scanned )
East Sale
East Sale
482 Sqn
482 Sqn
492 Sqn 

75 Sqn
75 Sqn
No 3AD
Point Cook
Point Cook
Pearce WA
Pearce W.A
No 5 Sqn
No 5 Sqn
RSTT Wagga
RSTT Wagga
Darwin Arm Sect
3 Sqn
No 3 Sqn Sqn 
481 Sqn
No 481 Sqn
GW Sect
1 CAMD GW Sect


No 2FTS Pearce Xmas Cards
(Simon Mihich)
Xmas 1986 Xmas 1988 1989 1990 1991 RIP
Xmas 86
L to R
Back Row
Matt Bowman, Ben Sheedy, Mick Read, John Hamilton, Neville “Jock” Lawrie, Ken Vearing, Daryl Radin, Dave Newdick, Rosco McCaig.
Front Row

Gerry Beech, Simon Mihich, Rod Barnard, Grantford Stuchbury, Scott Neely, Ian Harding, Don Meehan, Peter McGrath, Jeff Lingard. 
Xmas 88
L to R 
Back Row
Bill Hayes, Simon Mihich, B.J. Davis, Arthur Barker, Rosco McCaig, Ken Vearing, John Hamilton, Glen Rooke, John Radcliffe, Neville “Jock” Lawrie.
Front Row
Gerry Darcy, J.J Stevenson, Troy Parry, Don Meehan, Luke VanBeek, Peter Green, Ian Harding.
Xmas 89
L to R
Rear Row
Bill Sykes, Arthur Barker, Shayne Hamilton, Dave Farringdon, Stu Campbell, Troy Parry, Darren Smith, ???, B.J. Davis, Ric Garner, Russ Neate, Simon Mihich, Peter Green, John Radcliffe, Gerry Darcy, Glen Rooke.
Front Row
John Hamilton, Ken Vearing, Bloo Boxall, Bill Hayes, Don Meehan.
L to R
Back row
Mark Nixon, Peter Brown, Simon Mihich, Shayne Hamilton, Paul Idec, Karl Ewing, Luke van Beek, Dave Farringdon, Arthur Barker, ??Rockhead, Gerry Darcy, Chris Pratt, Ian Goble.
Front Row
Mark Imber, ??Read, Sean Mahony, John Radcliffe, Glen Rooke.
Xmas91 Gunnies Final
Simon Mihich, ?? Trowbridge, Paul Idec, Brian Limbrick, Bloo Boxall, Greg Holloway, Ian Goble, Shayne Hamilton, ??? Rockhead, Dave Farringdon, ??? Read
I. Top to Bottom.
Luke VanBeek, Peter Green, Jeremy Loth, ??? Chook, Chris Pratt.
P. Clockwise.
Peter Brown, ??? Hankinson, Barry Bannerman, Mick Long, Mark Imber, Karl Ewing, Gerry Darcy, Sean Mahony.




BACK ROW- Bill Hewson (14432); Geoff Bird (13038) ; Peter Walsh (13038) ; Bob Raby (14432) ; Nigel Devlin (13038) ; J.J.Robertson (13010) ; Craig Eason (12305); Ian Deutscher (11571)

FRONT ROW- Max Johnson (14625) ; Mick Whiteley (13038) ; Col Mitchell (14432) ; Spud McCormack (13038) ; Troy Kennedy (13038) ; Richie Mockett (13038) ; Matty Lyne (13038)

ABSENT- Phil Ridley (11720) ; Trev Hare (11721) ; Barney Barnett (11709), Col Hulin