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RAAF Tengah in 1950 -51
Bombing-up Lincoln
(C Greet )
bomber.jpg (41371 bytes)
Cpl C Greet, Fl Lt Rex Cormie, Sgt J Bond

Photos from Ken Edwards

1 Sqn Armourers Tengah 1956
armourers_tengah2.JPG (58567 bytes)
Bk. L-R John Saunders, Ken Edwards
Mid: Brian McCart, Dixon, McGowan, Jack Hill, Jake Graham, Jock Broadley, Simmonds, Mike Murphy , Taffy Hickman
Frnt: ?, Taffy Davies, Jack Jarret, Bothwell, Joe Mezzina. Keith Jones, John Kemp

The Troops
1Sqn.JPG (34927 bytes)

The Lincoln Flight Line
linc_line3.JPG (37523 bytes)


The "Basha" Attap Flight Hut
attap_basha.JPG (34614 bytes)

Bombing Up 1000lb MC Bomb
Mike Murphy ()

bombing_up.JPG (36026 bytes)

Ken Edwards and Tronkus Gardiner 
Australian Post Article

ken_tronc.JPG (105187 bytes)

Ken Edwards and Alf Wade Tengah Bar 1956
ken_alf2.JPG (43747 bytes)

Curley Bailey Armament Section 

arm_sect.JPG (40209 bytes)


Flooded Billets Tengah 1956
flooded_billet2.JPG (39292 bytes)


gunnies_mate.JPG (57332 bytes)
Kens Mate hitching a ride on comfy 1000 pounders


gunnies.JPG (33330 bytes)
John Kemp, Keith Jones, Jack Hill
1 Sqn Tengah 1955 - 56


Bill the Squadron Mascot
bill_mascot.JPG (60642 bytes)
Image9.jpg (26490 bytes)

Ken and Tengah Bar Owners Children
tengah_bar-kids-2.JPG (36040 bytes)



John Pond

Tengah Photos

Flightline Tenagh
Lightening Tenagh
Lightnings Tengah
Vulcan Tengah
Vulcan Tengah

"We used to do employments for up to six weeks"



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