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RAAF Aircraft Research and Development Unit

{Kens's Photo}
Willy Williams, Ken Edwards (D), Blue Seaman.
ARDU Laverton 1959


Air Marshal John Kindler. Woomera Aboard Towed Target 1965 
(Gus Walters)


Mick Hennessy's Send Off
Mick Hennessy
Peter Cupitt
Mick died in May 2006

Top Row John Marrion, Kev Marrion & Trev MacIntosch
Bottom Row Vic Robinson, Mal MacKinnon & Rod Smith

Taken at ARDU around 78-79
 (Rod Smith)


Armament Section
Aircraft Performance Unit
Point Cook 1946
(Keith Barwick)

L to Right Back: Jim O'Keefe, Phil Chenowith, Ralph Tait ?, Alec Ross, Tom Noakes
Front: Phil Bramley, Snowy Sands, Keith Barwick, Scott Ross, Bob Hall


Armament Section
Aircraft Performance Unit
Point Cook 1946
(Keith Barwick)

L to R: Back: Fitzgerald, Harry O'Kely, Gus Bluett, Phil Bramley, Ralph Chandler
Centre: Rex Moore, Scotty Ross, Wally Block
Bob Hall, Frank Nielson, Keith Barwick, Snowy Sands, Bruce Vinnicombe



ARDU Werribee Bombing Range 1965 
 750 pound bomb and tail testing prior to Canberra 
Vietnam deployment 
(Barry McDonald)

Rear: Cameron Bruce 
Front L to R: Murphy Rick, Walker Sam, McDonald Barry, Unknown G.H,
Chandler Charlie, Elgey Bert

ARDU Armament Section 1965
Mirage Ejection seats acceptance 
(Barry McDonald)

Left to Right: Barry McDonald,  Dennis McSparron




ARDU 1976-81
(Kev Marrinon)

Confusing-2 Marrinons, Kev and John and Both Gunnies
in the same section at the same time?

Edinburgh Gunnies at play 1980

Towed Target Team - Woomera 1977 -names?

?,?, John, Peter Grant

?, Henry Komoder, Kev Marrinon, ?, "Splitpin" Richardson
Towed Target De-briefing

John Marrinon

F 111 with 12 x 500Lb bombs on wing pylons Townsville 1976
(Rod Farquhar)






Armament Section Xmas 1980
(Gus Walters)

Back Row: Mick Newton, Peter Churchward, John Saunders, Phil Goodall, Paul (Klinger) Gay
Middle: Henry Komoder, Neil Moran, Graeme Walters, Chris Kennedy, Mick Swan, Dave Berry
Front: Peter Grant, Kev Marrinon, Al Cross, Rod Equid, John Marrinon
Absent: Kev Gurney, Paul Boydell (remustered to Systems Technician)
, Bob Seaman, Dan Smolenski




ARDU 1981
(Gus Walters)

L to R from rear.
Gus Walters, Chris Thompson, Nino Watson, Neil Moran.
Dave Zimmer, Mick Swan, Dave Berry, Squeek Elliott, Phil Goodall, Stretch McKevertt, Paul Gay, Wayne Gane, Mick Newton, Bob Seaman.
Henry Kommoder, John Marrinon, Martin Ziegler, Al Cross, Rod Esquith, Kev Marrinon, John Saunders.




ARDU Armament Section

Back row:- 
John Cornish, Rod Winters, Salty McDonald, George Shores, Jerry Willems., Stu Cook.
Middle row:- Bobby King, Sandy Budern-Degrono/Smith, Col Smith, Jerry Mercer, Geoff Hopkinson, Peter Hean, Blue Saunders.
Front row:- Bob (Squeek) Elliot, Sparra Davies, Graham Purbrick, Warren Maslin, Mal Tutty, 
Bob Petty (exRAN Birdie)





Armament Section

Back row:- Rod Winters, Vern Carmody, Phil Ridley, Peter Hean, Leah Studdert, John Cornish.
Middle row:- Bob Cornwell, Mick Swan, Hayden Dunn, Stu Cook, Neil Moran, John McKevett, Mick McDonald,
Geoff Hopkinson, Bob King, Chris Thomson,, Mumbles Macklin,
Front row:- Squeek Elliot, Eccles Wright, "Victor George" Robertson, Warren Crouch, Tony Robson Peter Grant,.

"Victor George"  Robertson (Thinking)

(Gus Walters)



The Missile Team

Peter Hean, Jerry Willems, Peter Knight, Lenny White, Sparra Davies.




Armament Section in 1987
(Russ King) 

BACK ROW: Sparra Davies, Geoff Hopkinson, Col Smith, Chris Hein, Brett Petersen, Brendan MacAliece, John Cornish, Mick Wilcock, Pete Strotz, Leigh Studdert and Greg Brydon
Kosta Muculj, Bloo Saunders, Paul Randall, Warren Mazlin, Mal Tutty, Artie Dair, Russ King, Bob King and Sandy de Grono (her surname may be different now).




ARDU 83-89
(Michael Swan)


ARDU group photo 83

ARDU CRV 7 trials 1989 
Bob ? from Bristol Aerospace


Same trial. rest of team


ARDU, Woomera, HVAR 2.75" rocket trials 1981,82?









AGM 88 HARM missile trials 
on the ARDU FIII 
February of 1988.

The Armourers are:
Far left Russ King, second from left Mick Wilcock, third from right Warren Mazlin, second from right Paul Turner and far right Sparra Davies
Second from left Col Smith
The non Gunnie types are groundies, photographers, aircrew and Tech Reps from Texas Instruments. The trials were for carriage and release and went very well.




Williamtown in October of 1988. 
(Russ King)

Evaluating the manual stores loader you can see in the picture. It's called a 'MOLT', a Manually Operated Lift Truck. Operating it is Al Blackberry, holding the nose of the Mk. 84 is Charlie Ryan, and that's me 'supervising' beside Charlie.

My recommendation was that the RAAF procure some of the MOLTs, but I don't know whether they ever did?






Gunnies far and wide,
the refurb of Club Gunnie (ARDU) is in full swing with lots of good things promised...... For those who have departed, the Segal hut round the side of the workshop has been demolished to make way for a 4 bay carport with roller doors etc. The space in front of the carport will be bitumised.

Internally, there will be cosmetic changes and the offices will be remodelled to better suit the RAAF - Contractor arrangement. The OIC and SGT's offices will be combined to make a smoko room adjacent to the kitchen (Novel Idea). The NCO's den and what became the Raytheon Area will be combined to house all personnel with a couple of separate offices within that area for the WOFF and SGT. The Elec bay will be swung through 90deg and will lay along the workshop wall from front to back.

Attached are some pics of the work in progress. I will stay in contact with the AOSG Gunnie Rabble and obtain some more pics of the section, once complete. 

Britto, Welshy and Scott, for your info, I will be a resident of Bris-Vegas, working at Amberley by the end of August. I will attempt to get out and about and catch up with you, once there and settled. 
Phil Harrison




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