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RAAF Base Amberley
F111 Weapon Load (mid 1980's)
(Ollie Hastie)

Reg Byles "Send Off"
(Jack Grayson)

Names Coming (so is Christmas)
Standing: Kev Berry, 
?, Harv Sunley, ?, ?, Kem Everett, ?, ?, Kay Heyer, Eddie Smith (with hand on Jack Grayson's head) , John Bradbury (right of Eddie),
Ron Guthrie (far right), Max Johnson (on his right), Harry Strybos behind Max. 
Front Row: Eddie Cottrel, Ron O'Neil,  ?, Reg Byles, Jack Grayson, Tiny Brooks (D)

3AD Armament Section - 1986

Back Row (L-R)
Steve "Kingy" King, ???, Barry Needham, Greg Jones, Harry Gambling (deceased), Ray Palmer, Al Perry, Peter "PJ" Bruce, Josh Jones, Bob Latter (ex Fleet Air Arm)

Front Row (L-R)
Neil Moran, John Ship, Adam "Bear" Nicholson, Robert Rasmussen

(Slim Whitman)

Roger Harrison, Frank Sankey and Paul Mead, during a trip to NZ with F111's in 1974

Early model Chinook taken mid 70s which were traded in for more reliable
 ones a few years later & then given to the Army Aviation to operate. Old 482 Sqn
Armament Section is just to the right of the chopper in the background with F111
big jugs stored on the other side against the old servicing hanger which does not exist now.
(Slim Whitman)

F111C dump and burn at the end of a airshow mid 70s
They don't do multi dump & burns like this today.
(Slim Whitman)

Amberley Hanger shots mid 70s
(Slim Whitman)
















RAAF No 482 Squadron

In the late 1960s the northern end of the main runway was extended and a large hangar known locally as the ‘Taj Mahal’ was built for No 482 Squadron, the F-111 intermediate-level maintenance unit. 
A second hangar, only slightly smaller, was also built, which is where No 6 Squadron is located today. 
The base operational headquarters, now Headquarters Combat Support Group (HQ CSG), electronic workshops, warehouse, simulator, field training and the Officers’ Mess were also built as part of the redevelopment for the F-111. 

When No 482 Squadron disbanded in 1992, No 1 Squadron moved its headquarters and operations flights into the Taj Mahal hangar and associated annexes. No 6 Squadron also moved into its new headquarters and operations building next to the squadron hangar – bringing both squadrons close to their respective flight lines.

482 Sqn 1975

On Wing: Jim MacAnally, Ian Senini, Mick Munro, Ron Conway, Toothy Martin, Bill Brown, Darcy Ryan, John Ship, Bloo Saunders, Neil Moran
Second Row (standing): Bob Pardon, Ron Brett, Paul Reitano, Les Faloon, Larry Hayne, Mick Reiken, Slim Whitman, Peter Brown, Dick Lambert, Keith Dor (GH), John Larsen, Vince Warrell, Dave Coupe, Tom Walsh, Les Poustie, John Campbell
Third Row (sitting or squatting): Maurie Ellem, Wally Toy, Frank Sankey, Len Robson, Gary Chambers, Kev Berry, Kev Greer, John Payne, Kay Heyer, Neil Bywaters, Ross Daniel, Bert Hodgson (elec.), Bill Black, Grub Whitchurch
Fourth Row (on ground): Tony Woodrow, Bob Raby, Pete Adnams, Henry Komoder, Doug McKenzie, Doug Meteyard

Missing: Neil Biggar, Phil Ridley, Ken Gowans, Kev Ward, Roger Harrison, Dave Evans, John Taylor, Ray Beckett, Russ King, Paul Mead, Dick Flack, Lester Woodforth, Warren Gould, Maurie Fuary, Ken Lawrence, Dave Woodward, Paul McGuiness, Ron Kelly




482 Sqn 1975 -1980 +

Friday afternoon BBQ at the "ArmPit"
By: Dave Hall

482 Sqn Oct 1980
(Kem Everett)

John Ferguson, Kem Everett, and lots more????


482 Sqn Gunnie Xmas photo 1983
(Ollie Hastie)

1983 photo (get it right Ollie). Both myself (Lindsay Stager) and Joel Vergona (on shoulder and I'm supporting on his left) 

482 Sqn PR Photo mid 80s
(Ollie Hastie)

Lindsay Stager, Shane Harper, Ollie Hastie, Ray Palmer










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